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Beat Up Dummies Simulator Script

In this post, I will share with you a fantastic beat-up dummies simulator script to help you ease the pressure while playing the game. The beat-up dummies simulator game is all about smashing up dummies to get points and unlock new weapons. 

These weapons make you tougher, and you can get them by completing missions, taking down big dummy bosses, or stumbling upon them in the game.

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However, there are two types of weapons: fancy badge ones that stick with you forever, and others you find on the map that disappear if you get knocked out or leave the game.

If you manage to beat the big boss dummies and finish the task, you’ll unlock special weapons that are unique and will give you super-strong fighting powers. This script I will be presenting to you has all the great features to help you defeat these dummies.

Let’s get started.

Features Of Beat Up Dummies Simulator Script

Attack Skill

With the Attack Skill function, you boost your attack range, making you a force to be reckoned with.


This feature allows you to teleport instantly to other locations, giving you a strategic advantage. With this feature, you’ll go around, catching your opponents off guard.

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Rigid Defense

Bolster your defense and become nearly invincible with this function. This feature equips you with a guard that tips the scales in your favor. You can enjoy superior protection against attacks, allowing you to withstand the most formidable opponents and emerge victorious.

Agile Speed

Agile Speed lets you fine-tune your velocity and agility, ensuring you can dance around your opponents with skills.

With this feature, you’ll be the fastest on the battlefield.

Flying Skill

This function grants you the incredible ability to leap great distances. You can take your opponents by surprise as you fly over barriers, closing in on them with speed.

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Beat Up Dummies Simulator Script


How To Use Beat Up Dummies Simulator Script

Step 1. Copy The Beat-Up Dummies Simulator Script

Start by copying the script mentioned in the previous section. This script contains features, including Attack Skills, Teleport, Rigid Defense, Agile Speed, and Flying Skills. Just highlight the script text and right-click to copy it.

Step 2. Launch The Game

Open the Beat Up Dummies Simulator game on your preferred device.

Step 3. Paste And Inject The Script

After launching the game, find a suitable place to apply the script. While in-game, locate an area where you’re safe from immediate threats, this will give you time to enhance your abilities. Right-click in the designated area and choose “Paste” to inject the script.

As soon as the script is injected, you’ll notice an immediate change in your gameplay. Your attacks will become stronger, and your movements, your defense, your speed, and your jumps will have improved.

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With the script fully injected, you can now engage in battles with dummies, bosses, or even other players, and watch as your enhanced abilities give you the advantages.

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