Blades Of Chance Gift Codes

Blades of Chance is a Roblox game where you test your luck and skill by rolling for powerful swords.  The goal is to collect these swords and complete challenges to earn rewards.

But wouldn’t it be cool to get a head start with some bonus items? And one of the free, and safe ways to earn this free reward is to use Blades of Chance codes.

These are special codes released by the game developers that give you free stuff. They can unlock rewards like gems, the game’s currency,  special swords, or even boosts that make you temporarily luckier.

By using these codes, you can get stronger swords faster, customize your character, and progress quicker through the game.

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What Are The Latest Codes?

  • ThankYouGems
  • combatchanges

How To Redeem the Codes

Here’s a step-by-step guide to redeeming codes In Blade Of Chance:

1. Launch Blades Of Chance On Roblox:

  • Open up Blades of Chance on Roblox.

2. Find The Settings Menu:

  • The settings menu typically looks like a gear icon and is usually located on the bottom left corner of your screen, right next to your gem counter.
  • Click on that gear icon to open the Settings menu.

3. Locate The Code Redemption Box:

  • Within the Settings menu, you should see a box at the bottom of the screen that says “Enter code here.”
  • This is where you’ll type in your  Blades of Chance code.

4. Enter Your Code Carefully:

  • Carefully type in the Blades of Chance code you want to redeem.

Important Tip: Make sure you copy and paste the code exactly to avoid any typos.  Codes are often case-sensitive, so double-check for uppercase and lowercase letters.

5. Redeem Your Code:

  • Once you’ve entered the code,  look for a button that says “Submit” next to the code box.
  • Click on that button, and If the code is valid and hasn’t expired, you’ll instantly receive your reward in-game.

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Where Can I Find More Codes?

We recommend you bookmark this page and follow it for regular updates. This way, you will always know when new codes are available.

If you want to find more Blades of Chance codes on your own, there are a few places you can look. One good source to check is the Blades of Chance Discord.

Many players share codes there, and you can also talk to other players about the game. Another place to look is on X (formerly known as Twitter).

The Blades of Chance account often posts new codes and updates there. So, following them on X can help you stay in the loop.

You can also join the Doubloon Developers Roblox group. This group is made by the developers of Blades of Chance, and they sometimes share codes with members of the group. Joining this group can be a good way to get codes directly from the developers.

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