How To Complete The Tortured Artist Challenge In BitLife

The Tortured Artist Challenge in BitLife is an engaging gameplay experience that allows players to explore the life of a struggling artist. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the steps required to complete the challenge, and instructions to achieve them.

Plus, we’ll share with you some valuable tips to help players go through the challenge more effectively, such as using God Mode to adjust character attributes and taking advantage of social media to increase their chances of being trolled.

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How To Complete The Tortured Artist Challenge In BitLife

To complete the Tortured Artist Challenge in BitLife, you need to complete the following five tasks:

  • Be born a female in Illinois
  • Become a painter
  • Insult 5+ different people
  • Recover from an alcohol addiction
  • Troll 5+ people on social media after they’ve trolled you

Be Born A Female In Illinois

To start, create a new female character and select the United States as the starting country. Then, choose Illinois as the starting state and Chicago as the city. This will fulfill the first task of being born a female in Illinois.

Become A painter

Next, you need to become a painter. Make sure your character’s Smarts stat is high by studying hard in school, going to the library, and participating in any painting-related activities if available.

After turning 18, you have two options to become a painter:

  • Attend university, get an art degree, and pursue a career as a painter
  • Look for painting jobs right after finishing school

If you don’t see the painter job immediately, close and reopen the app to refresh the job list.

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Insult 5+ Different People

Insulting people in BitLife is easy. Go to the Relationships tab, choose someone you want to insult, and click the ‘insult’ option. You can insult siblings, coworkers, friends, or anyone you have a relationship with.

Recover From An Alcohol Addiction

To recover from an alcohol addiction, you first need to develop the addiction. You can do this by drinking a lot, visiting bars and parties frequently, and accepting alcohol whenever it’s offered.

Once your character has developed the addiction, go to the Activities bar and choose Rehab. Attending AA meetings is a quick and easy way to recover.

Troll 5+ People On Social Media After They’ve Trolled You

Building a strong presence on social media early in the game is helpful for this task. Start posting on social media like Twitter at least 5-10 times before aging. Hopefully, someone will troll you on social media.

When that happens, you can choose to react and insult them. Repeat this process with 5 different people to complete the challenge. After completing all five tasks, the Tortured Artist Challenge is complete.

You can then select one of four random prizes, which provide an appearance item for your BitLife profile that you can wear on your character icon.

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Here are some additional tips:

  • If you have God Mode, make your character’s Discipline and Willpower stats extremely low to get addicted to alcohol faster
  • Close and reopen the app to refresh the painter job list instead of aging up, which wastes time
  • Become famous to increase your chances of getting trolled on social media

By following these steps and tips, you should be able to complete the Tortured Artist Challenge in BitLife.

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