How To Make A Bomb In Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft challenges players to push the boundaries of creativity by combining different elements to create new and often unexpected items.

However, In this guide, you will learn how to craft a Nuclear Bomb In the game, including the recipes, and other items that you can create with a bomb.

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What Are The Elements Needed To Make A Bomb In Infinite Craft?

To craft a Bomb In the game, you need two ingredients which are:

  • Explosion
  • Energy

But to create those elements, Involves several steps.

How To Make A Bomb In Infinite Craft Step-By-Step

Here are the easiest steps to make a Bomb In Infinite Craf:

Step 1. Fire + Water = Steam

First, mix Fire and Water to get Steam.

Step 2. Steam + Steam = Cloud

Take two Steams and combine them to make a Cloud.

Step 3. Cloud + Fire = Lightning

Mix the Cloud with Fire to create Lightning.

Step 4. Lightning + Steam = Electricity

Now, combine Lightning with Steam to produce Electricity.

Step 5. Earth + Wind = Dust

Mix Earth and Wind together to get Dust.

Step 6. Dust + Earth = Planet

Combine Dust with Earth to form a Planet.

Step 7. Planet + Fire = Sun

Mix the Planet with Fire to create a Sun.

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Step 8. Sun + Electricity = Solar Panel

Take the Sun and combine it with Electricity to get a Solar Panel.

Step 9. Solar Panel + Wind = Windmill

Mix the Solar Panel with Wind to create a Windmill.

Step 10. Windmill + Fire = Energy

Combine the Windmill with Fire to produce Energy.

Step 11. Energy + Fire = Explosion

Mix Energy with Fire to make an Explosion.

Step 12. Explosion + Energy = Bomb

Finally, combine the Explosion with Energy to create a Bomb.

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Elements That You Can Craft With Bomb In Infinite Craft

Now that we’ve created a Bomb, here are some of the items you can craft using Bomb:

Steps 1. Bomb + Jail = Jail Break

First, get a bomb, then, find a jail. Combine the bomb with the jail to create a Jailbreak.

Step 2. Bomb + Freedom = Terrorist

Start with a bomb, then add freedom to the bomb. When you mix these, you get a Terrorist.

Step 3. Bomb + Clock = Timebomb

Take a bomb, and find a clock. Put the bomb and clock together to make a Timebomb.

Step 4. Bomb + Technology = Nuclear Bomb

Begin with a bomb, then get some technology. Mix the bomb and technology to create a Nuclear Bomb.

Step 5. Bomb + Firewall = Hacker

Start with a bomb, and Include a firewall to the bomb. Combine them to get a Hacker.

Step 6. Bomb + Jesus = Christianity

Take a bomb, find Jesus, and mix the bomb and Jesus to create Christianity.

Step 7. Bomb + City = Apocalypse

Create a bomb, and locate a city. Combine the bomb and city to cause an Apocalypse.

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