How To Make Black In Infinite Craft

If you’re wondering how to create black color in Infinite Craft, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know to make black dye, from gathering ingredients to mixing them.

Let’s get crafting.

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What Elements Do You Need To Make Black In Infinite Craft?

Here’s a list of some of the elements you may need, depending on the chosen recipe:

Primary Element:

Ink Sac:

This essential ingredient forms the base for black dye, and you can collect Ink Sacs by defeating squid in watery areas.

Secondary Elements:


This element could be used in some recipes, potentially involving burning materials to create smoke.


This is a readily available resource in most environments, water is another key element in certain black dye crafting methods.


Depending on the recipe, elements like coal or specific types of rocks found underground may be categorized as “Earth” elements and used in crafting black.


While less common, some black dye recipes could involve using wind obtained through specific in-game mechanics. However, the exact combination of elements will vary depending on the specific black dye recipe you choose in Infinite Craft.

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6 Steps To Make Black In Infinite Craft

Here’s the easiest way to create Black In Infinite Craf in six steps with each step combining two ingredients to make a new item:

Step 1: Make A Lake:

First, you need to create a lake, and to do this, take two units of water. When you combine water with more water, you get a lake. This is a simple step, but it is important for the next parts.

Step 2: Create Lava:

Next, you will need lava, and to make lava, you need fire and earth. Mix fire with earth, and you will get lava. Lava is a key ingredient for the next steps, so make sure you have enough.

Step 3: Form Stone:

Now, you need to make stone. To do this, combine water with lava. When water and lava come together, they form stones.

Step 4: Get Obsidian

The fourth step is to create obsidian. Mix lava with stone to get obsidian.

Step 5: Make a Mirror

let’s create a mirror. To do this, take the lake you made in Step 1 and mix it with obsidian from Step 4. When you combine a lake with obsidian, you get a mirror.

Step 6: Create Black

Finally, to make black, you need to mix obsidian with the mirror you just made. Combining obsidian with a mirror, you get black.

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