How To Make Venus In Infinite Craft? (Step-By-Step)

In Infinite Craft, the possibilities for creation are endless. But have you ever tried crafting a planet? In this guide, I will show you how to make Venus with some of the basic elements. Plus, you will learn about other items you can craft with Venus.

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How To Make Venus In Infinite Craft?

To make Venus in Infinite, you only need a few elements, which are Planet and Fog.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Combine Earth And Wind:

  • To start, you need to mix Earth and Wind.
  • These are two of the four basic elements in the game.
  • When you combine Earth and Wind, you get Dust.

Step 2: Combine Dust And Earth:

  • Next, take the Dust you made and combine it with Earth.
  • This will create a Planet, which is one of the one of the basic elements needed to make Venus.

Step 3: Combine Fire And Wind:

  • Now, you need to work with the other two basic elements, Fire and Wind.
  • Combine them to produce Smoke.

Step 4: Combine Smoke And Water:

  • Take the Smoke you just made and mix it with Water.
  • This combination will create Fog.

Step 5: Combine Fog And Planet:

  • Finally, you have everything you need.
  • Take the Fog and Planet you created and combine them.
  • And this will give you Venus.

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What Items Can You Make With Venus?

Here are some of the combinations you can use with Venus:

1. Venus + Venus = Comet

  • If you combine Venus with another Venus, you get Comet.

2. Venus + Mars = Love

  • When you mix Venus with Mars, you get Love.

3. Venus + Squid = Squidward

  • Combining Venus with Squid gives you Squidward.

4. Venus + Lightning = Vulcan

  • If you mix Venus with Lightning, you get Vulcan.

5. Venus + Lake = Aphrodite

  • When Venus is combined with Lake, you get Aphrodite.

6. Venus + Astronaut = Alien

  • Mixing Venus with an Astronaut gives you an Alien.

7. Venus + Alien = Life

  • If you have an Alien and combine it with Venus, you create Life.

8. Venus + Brick = Gargoyle

  • By mixing Venus with Brick, you get Gargoyle.

9. Venus + Crop = Flower

  • When you combine Venus with Crop, you get Flower.

10. Venus + Sand = Beach

  • Mixing Venus with Sand gives you a Beach.

11. Venus + Sandstorm = Desert

  • Combining Venus with a Sandstorm results in a Desert.

12. Venus + Fire = Volcano

  • When Venus is combined with Fire, you get Volcano.

13. Venus + Mud = Adam

  • Mixing Venus with Mud gives you Adam.

14. Venus + Adam = Eve

  • If you combine Venus with Adam, you get Eve.

15. Venus + Flower = Rose

  • When Venus is mixed with a Flower, you get a Rose.

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