My Hero Ultra Smash Gift Codes

This guide provides a list of the working My Hero Ultra Smash codes that you can redeem In the game to claim free In-game rewards.

These codes offer amazing bonuses that can boost your progression, and unlock some of the valuable Items In the game. It is now easier to train characters, improve their skills, equip gear, and even feed them to climb the Hero Rankings.

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List Of Active Codes

  • 250HCPUSH3 (North America Server)
  • 250HCPUSH1 (North America Server)
  • DICEDESTINY – SEA Version only 
  • NAKLASGAMER – SEA Version only 
  • JAMESMER – SEA Version only 
  • bluestacks22 – Rewards: 300 Hero Coins and 100 Energy
  • PROTAE – Sea Version only

How To Redeem the Codes

Step 1: Accessing Your Avatar

Locate and tap on your avatar icon displayed on the main screen of My Hero Ultra Smash. This appears in the top left or right corner of the screen, resembling your in-game character.

Step 2: Go To The Gift Code Section

Once you’ve tapped on your avatar, a menu or options screen will appear. Look for the option labeled “Gift Code” and tap on it to open a new screen for code redemption.

Step 4: Input The Code

Carefully enter the redemption code provided to you. Ensure accuracy to avoid any errors or invalid code messages.

Step 5: Submit To Redeem

Once you’ve input the code, look for the “Submit” button on the screen. Tap on it to confirm and submit the code for redemption. After successful submission, the game will process the code, and if valid, you’ll receive your rewards immediately.

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How Do I Get Codes?

One of the ways you can get the latest My Hero Ultra Smash codes is to bookmark this page. We’re always on the hunt to feed the users with the most updated codes while highlighting the ones that have expired.

Or you check if the game offers any official code giveaways or promotions, because, sometimes, game developers share codes through social media, websites, or newsletters.

So, it’s best to follow their official channels on Twitter and Facebook for any announcements. Also, join online communities or forums like Reddit or Discord servers dedicated to Hero Ultra Smash. Players In these communities do share codes they’ve found from other sources with one another.

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