One Piece Filler Episode List: The Definitive Guide

One Piece is a huge adventure with lots of episodes. If you’re new to this amazing story and wondering what needs to be watched, this guide is for you.

We’ll explain what “filler episodes” are in the One Piece anime and give you a complete list. Plus, we’ll share with you some of the most popular filler arcs in case you’re interested in some extra One Piece fun.

Before we jump to the list: Filler episodes are bonus stories added to the anime that aren’t directly based on the original One Piece comic series (manga) by Eiichiro Oda. They are the fun side adventures for Luffy and the Straw Hats that happen in between the main story.

However, these episodes can be exciting and introduce new characters, but they’re not essential for understanding the core plot of One Piece. The main story of One Piece, adapted from the manga, is what truly progresses the adventures of Luffy.

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One Piece Filler Episode List

54 – 60Warship Island Arc
98 – 99Enter the Desert Pirates! The Men Who Live Freely!; False Fortitude! Camu, Rebel Soldier at Heart!
102Ruins and Lost Ways! Vivi, Her Friends, and the Country's Form!
131 – 135Post-Alabasta Arc
136 – 138Goat Island Arc
139 – 143Ruluka Island Arc
196 – 206G-8 Arc
220 – 224Ocean’s Dream Arc
225 – 228Foxy's Return Arc
279 – 283Mid-Enies Lobby Flashback Mini Arc
291 – 292Boss Luffy Returns! Is It a Dream or Reality? Lottery Ruckus!; A Big Rice Cake Tossing Race at the Castle! Red Nose's Plot
303Boss Luffy Is the Culprit? Track Down the Missing Great Cherry Tree!
317 – 319Mid-Post-Enies Lobby Side Stories
326 – 336Ice Hunter Arc
382 – 384Spa Island Arc
406 – 407Special Historical Arc
426 – 429Little East Blue Arc
457 – 458A Special Retrospective Before Marineford
492The Strongest Tag Team! Luffy and Toriko's Hard Struggle!
542A Team Is Formed! Save Chopper
575 – 578Z’s Ambition Arc
590History's Strongest Collaboration vs. Glutton of the Sea
626 – 628Caesar Retrieval Arc
747 – 750Silver Mine Arc
780 – 782Marine Rookie Arc
895 – 896Cidre Guild Arc
90720th Anniversary Special! Romance Dawn
1029 – 1030One Piece Film Red Tie-in Mini Arc
1084Time to Depart - The Land of Wano and the Straw Hats

Can I Skip One Piece Filler?

You can skip One Piece filler episodes without missing any important parts of the main story. Filler episodes are extra episodes added to the anime that aren’t directly based on the original One Piece manga by Eiichiro Oda.

They’re created to extend the series and flesh out the world or characters. While some filler arcs can be fun adventures, they don’t progress the main plot.

So, if you’re looking to follow Luffy and the Straw Hats on their core journey and experience the story the manga told, skipping filler episodes is a great way to save time and focus on the key events.

However, there are a few exceptions. Some filler arcs could introduce characters or concepts that appear later in the canon story. Also, some filler episodes may offer interesting character development or fun side stories that some viewers enjoy.

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One Piece Best Filler Arcs

Even though the main One Piece story is incredible, some filler arcs are fan favorites for their fun and excitement. Here are a few of the top picks, each offering something different:

1. G-8 Arc (Episodes 196-206):

After a crazy adventure, the Straw Hats land on a normal Marine base. But things get wacky when Luffy befriends some underdog Marines, leading to an escape plan. This arc is all about funny moments, amazing characters, and a surprising look at the Marine life.

2. Groggy Monsters Arc (Episodes 326-335):

Luffy and the team find themselves in a frozen land filled with strange creatures called “Groggy Monsters.” This arc is a mix of action, with a unique story and heartwarming moments of friendship between the team.

3. Spa Island Arc (Episodes 382-384):

The Straw Hats discover a fancy resort island. What starts as a chance to unwind quickly turns chaotic as they get tangled up in a funny competition between rival hot springs. This short arc is a perfect break from the main story that shows the team’s playful side.

4. Boss Luffy Historical Specials (Episodes 574-578):

Have you ever wondered what if Luffy became a Marine? This mini-arc explores that idea. Filled with humor and action, this unique story shows a different path for Luffy and the team, offering a fun twist on the characters we know and love.

5. Marine Rookie Arc (Episodes 780-782):

The Straw Hats come up with a daring plan: infiltrate a Marine base by disguising themselves as rookie Marines. This arc gives us a look into how Marines train and what their bases are like, with exciting fights and deep moments for a filler arc.

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