Project Mugetsu Resurrection Guide

This is a comprehensive guide to resurrection In Project Migetsu. In this guide, you will learn:

  • What Is Resurrection in Project Mugetsu
  • List of all resurrections In Project Mugetsu
  • How you can obtain resurrection In Project Mugetsu
  • How you can use resurrection In Project Mugetsu

And lots more. Let’s dive In.

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What Is Resurrection In Project Mugetsu?

Resurrección in Project Mugetsu is the transformative ability of Arrancars, the highest level of hollows. You can call It a rebirth, a profound change that goes beyond a simple revival. In Project Mugetsu, Resurrección acts as a catalyst for unlocking abilities. It’s a multi-phase adventure, similar to how Arrancars tap into their power.

Understanding Resurrección is important. However, resurrección abilities unlock at specific levels, levels 1, 10, 20, and 35. Each level is a progression in your connection to the project while revealing newfound powers.

List Of All Resurrections In Project Mugetsu


GIF KeyMove NameDescription
ZLava BladeSlash forward with a small blade of lava, capable of extending combos.
XKabooshUnleashes a small spinning explosion, ragdolling and launching enemies. Can break guards.
CLava BulletsFire a barrage of lava bullets.
VLava DetonationExecute a powerful forward stab attack, capable of breaking guards.


KeyMove NameDescriptionCooldown
ZZero GravityAn area around your mouse cursor will explode. Anyone hit by the explosion is sent upwards and slammed downwards. This ability guard breaks.25s
XGravity ThrowLaunch a ball of energy. Upon making contact with any physical person or object, the ball will explode and pull in nearby enemies that are hit. This ability can combo extend.30s
CGravity OrbLaunch a ball of energy. The ball will explode repeatedly, pulling enemies inward and pushing them outward. This ability can guard break.35s
VGravity ControlThrows gravity straight ahead. This ability can guard break.45s


KeyMove NameDescription
ZThunder LaunchThe user jumps in the air charges an electrical Javelin and throws it at the opponent, causing AOE damage. This ability can guard break.
XLightning BlitzThe user teleports around their foes side to side six times before finishing their assault with a punch.
CSky Fist Slam (El Thor)The user raises his fist into the air as electricity crackles around his body, before calling down a pillar of lightning from the sky to strike the opponent.
VThunder PurgeThe user charges his body with over a million volts of electricity before unleashing a massive discharge that covers the entire stage, dealing multiple hits and paralyzing any foe hit by it.


GIFKeyMove NameDescription
M1Rot PunchOnce pressing M1, the user will punch his enemy dealing extra rot damage.
ZRot GrabThe User picks and chokes the enemy in the air and throws them, leaving rot damage over time.
XAxe SlamThe user grabs his axe slamming the ground with it creating massive ROT AOE.
CDeath ProjectilesThe user throws rot orb projectiles in diagonal directions causing impact on hit.
VDeath PillarsThe user creates rot pillars doing massive damage with an extended hitbox range.

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Los Lobos

GIFMove NameDescriptionCooldown
PassiveWhen transformed, your basic attacks (m1s) will shoot powerful Ceros from your guns. They have a longer range but deal less damage.
ZSwift StrikeFlash forward and perform a spinning sword slash. This flashy move can break through an opponent’s guard.15s
XCero CannonShoot a larger and stronger Cero from your gun, knocking foes back. This ability is great for breaking through guards.10s
CWolf PackSummon a pack of wolves that dash towards your foe, exploding and knocking them down.35s
VCero BarragePull out both guns, aim, and fire a barrage of Ceros. The blasts converge on your opponent, causing a massive explosion. This move excels at breaking through guards.60s


KeyMove NameDescription
ZLuz De La LumFocus reishi into claws, slash opponents, and break guards.
XVuello OscurasGlide forward, release reishi slashes, lift and slam opponents, breaking through guards.
CCero OscurasFire is a massive, dark cero that stuns and deals significant damage, with the ability to break guards.
VLanzo De RelampagoFocus reishi into the hand, shape into a spear, throw for a massive explosion, breaking guards.

How You Can Obtain Resurrection In Project Mugetsu?

Step 1: Locate The K Button

Begin by locating the ‘K’ button. It’s the key that stands between ‘J’ and ‘L’ on your keyboard. Give it a tap.

Step 2: Choose The Fight Zanpakuto Option

A menu will pop up, presenting various options. Move using your arrow keys or mouse and select the ‘Fight Zanpakuto’ option. After selecting ‘Fight Zanpakuto,’ you’ll find yourself in the location where the Zanpakuto awaits your challenge.

Step 4: Defeat Zanpakuto

Face off against Zanpakuto in an exciting battle. Use your skills, vent your inner warrior, and beat Zanpakuto to unlock the Resurrección.

Step 5: Rinse And Repeat

To improve your Zanpakuto’s power and unlock additional moves, you’ll need to repeat this process. Engage in multiple battles, beat Zanpakuto each time, and watch as your Resurrección grows.

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How You Can Use Resurrection In Project Mugetsu?

The Ignition Bar

Before you can unleash Resurrección, you need the Ignition bar as your fuel gauge. To use Resurrección, make sure this bar is full.

Typing The Command

Typing the command, Just go to the chat bar and type something like this: Resurrección_call_name (for example, Roar) your_resurrección_type (for example, Arrogante) Replace “Roar” with the name you want and “Arrogante” with the Resurrección type you like.

Select Your Resurrección Types

Check these out:

  • Arrogante
  • Gravitas
  • Los Lobos
  • Tormenta
  • Volcanica

After you’ve typed in your command, hit enter. Your chosen Resurrección will open before your eyes, and you’ll have the abilities In Project Mugetsu.

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