Step-By-Step Guide To Make Story In Infinite Craft

Are you looking to build amazing stories in Infinite Craft? It all starts with a bit of history, which is the key ingredient to making stories In the game.

To begin, you learn how to craft a history block, and then use It to make a story block. Plus, we’ll share with you some ideas of what you can use the story block to create In your adventure.

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Easiest Way To Make History Block In Infinite Craft

In Infinite Craft, making the History block is a fun process in which you need to follow several steps to craft different blocks.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make the History block.

1. Crafting The Time Block:

First, you need to make an Hourglass and to do this, combine Sand and Glass.

  • Glass + Sand = Hourglass

Next, use the Hourglass and Sand to make the Time block.

  • Hourglass + Sand = Time

2. Crafting The Ash Block:

Start by making Dust. Combine Earth and Wind to get Dust.

  • Earth + Wind = Dust

Then, use Dust and Dust to make Sand.

  • Dust + Dust = Sand

Now, combine Sand with Fire to get Glass.

  • Sand + Fire = Glass

Use Glass and Sand again to make another Hourglass.

  • Glass + Sand = Hourglass

Finally, use Dust and Fire to create Ash.

  • Dust + Fire = Ash

To craft the History Block:

Now that you have the Time block and the Ash block, combine them.

  • Ash + Time = History

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How You Can Make Story In Infinite Craft?

Now that we have our history block, to make a story in Infinite Craft, follow these simple steps using your History blocks:

Step 1. Double-click the History Block:

  • Take one of your crafted History blocks and double-click on it.
  • This will create a copy of the History block. Now you have two History blocks in your inventory.

Step 2. Open The Crafting Grid:

  • Open the crafting grid where you can combine items.
  • This grid allows you to place different blocks to create new ones.

Step 3. Place The History Blocks:

  • In the crafting grid, place one History block in the first slot.
  • Then, place the second History block in the second slot.
  • The placement of these blocks is important as it will determine the outcome.

Step 4. Get The Story Block:

  • Once both History blocks are in place, you will see the result in the crafting output slot.
  • This result is the Story block, then you can drag the Story block to your inventory.

So, the process looks like this:

  • First Block: History
  • Second Block: History
  • Result: Story

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What You Can Craft With Story Block?

Here are some ideas for what you can craft with the Story block:

1. Story + Water = River

When you combine the Story block with Water, you get a River block. This can symbolize rivers in stories, like the ones you read about in books.

2. Story + Fire = Myth

Mixing the Story block with Fire creates a Myth block. Myths often have fiery elements like dragons or gods with fire powers.

3. Story + Wind = Tale

If you combine the Story block with Wind, you get a Tale block. Tales are stories that can be carried by the wind, like legends told over time.

4. Story + Train = Fairy Tale

Putting the Story block with a Train block makes a Fairy Tale block.

5. Story + Volcano = Pompeii

Combining the Story block with a Volcano block results in a Pompeii block.

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