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Total Roblox Drama Script

In this post, I will share with you some of the working total Roblox drama scripts that you can use. This awesome game is inspired by a popular TV show called Total Drama. You can play with characters in every season of the show.

However, there were some legal things to take care of, which led to the characters’ names being different from the show. The good news is that you can enjoy the characters from the first 3 seasons for free, but if you want to explore characters from the latest seasons, you’ll need to use Robux, the in-game currency.

With total Roblox drama scripts, you can automatically go into every season, collect Robux, and do some other amazing things within the game.

Stay with me.

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Features Of Total Roblox Drama Script

Auto Win

With the Auto Win feature, victory becomes an assured reality as the script empowers you to triumph easily.

Farm Coins

In gaming, coins can be your golden ticket to success. The Farm Coins feature lets you amass wealth with ease.

Infinite Jumps

Infinite Jumps drives you up, granting you the freedom to explore the virtual landscape.

Super Fly

The Super Fly ability function allows you to glide through the expanse of the game, navigating obstacles.

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This feature helps you sneak around undetected, strategically surprising opponents.

Block Push Win

Obstacles are no longer roadblocks but stepping stones as the Block Push Win feature allows you to manipulate objects while clearing your path to victory.


Instantly transport yourself from one point to another with Teleport.

You can bypass the limitations of distance and be everywhere at once.

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Total Roblox Drama Script


How To Use Total Roblox Drama Script On Roblox

Step 1. Launch The Total Roblox Drama Game

Start by firing up the Total Roblox Drama game.

Step 2. Open The Roblox Executor

To unlock the features of the script, you’ll need a Roblox executor.

Step 3. Copy The Script

Once you’ve had the Total Roblox Drama Script, highlight the entire script. Right-click and select “Copy,” or use the trusty Ctrl+C shortcut to copy it.

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Step 4. Paste, Attach, And Execute The Script

Within the Roblox executor, find the section that allows you to attach and execute scripts. Right-click in the designated area and choose “Paste” (Ctrl+V). Once the script is in place, hit that execute button.

After hitting the execute button, you will see changes in the game interface where you have the features right there for you to implement.

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