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TTD 3 Script

Players can unwind and kill some time playing the social game Roblox TTD 3. More than a thousand emotes from popular video games and other social media trends are included. Additionally, one can purchase skins for their avatars to utilize in entertaining dance videos.

You will dance, interact with your friends, and even meet new ones in Roblox TTD 3! While acquiring new dances and emotes for your favorite games, you can embark on adventures and travel to other locations. Make use of these to win over other players and establish a few connections.

To purchase stuff and spend time in the game’s environment, players will require a lot of Tokens, the game’s currency. Players can first use the TTD 3 script to obtain extra coins. Read on to find out more about the script and how to redeem it.

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About The Game

On October 2, 2020, Emotes CO. released TTD 3, a fun Roblox game. Emotes CO’s TTD 3 is a social dancing game in which you can converse while dancing with others. There are a lot of Tik Tok and Fortnite dances in there. The majority of the dances come from Fortnite.

Over 737.7 million people have visited it, and 563 thousand have liked it thus far. Because of its gameplay, the game has maintained its popularity. In it, users simply unwind and have fun in a virtual world without engaging in combat or planning strategies.

Tokens may be used to purchase in-game items like weapons, carriages, and emotes or to customize your character’s appearance. There is a constant influx of new scripts, which provide tokens to enhance your game play.

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TTD 3 Script


for i,v in next, getreg() do
if typeof(v)=="function" and islclosure(v) and not is_synapse_function(v) then
if string.find(getinfo(v).source,"\n") then
getreg()[i] = function() return end

How To Redeem The TTD 3 Script

  • The script code can be copied by clicking the download button in this post.
  • Open the Car Crushers 2 game and play continuously.
  • Download or update your Roblox executor to the latest version.
  • Execute and paste the copied script.
  • Open the game again and enjoy the script.

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You’ll recognize literally hundreds of different amusing emotes from your favorite games, and by playing the game and using these scripts, you can unlock even more. There are numerous regions to explore, and these are always changing thanks to numerous content updates.

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