What Is The Green Rain In Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an exciting farming simulation game that is constantly expanding with new content. One of the latest additions is a rare weather event called “Green Rain” which occurs randomly during the summer months.

This unique weather transforms the entire valley, bringing new plants, trees, and materials for players to collect. While it may seem strange at first, the Green Rain event provides several benefits and opportunities for players to take advantage of.

In this guide, you’ll learn about what exactly happens during the Green Rain, the valuable resources it provides, and how players can best prepare for and make the most of this rare summer event in Stardew Valley.

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What Is Green Rain In Stardew Valley And What Does It Do?

Green Rain is a rare weather event that occurs randomly once each summer in Stardew Valley. When it happens, you’ll wake up to a notification that the weather is strange and the entire day will have a green tint, even indoors.

During the Green Rain, several unusual things happen:

  • New green vegetation appears, including weeds, trees, and giant fiddlehead fern vines. Chopping these down yields valuable items like moss, mossy seeds, and fiddlehead ferns.
  • Existing trees have a 75% chance to turn into special “green rain trees” that are covered in moss or have curly branches. Hitting these with a scythe or axe collects moss, a new crafting material.
  • Most villagers take shelter from the strange weather, gathering at the Stardrop Saloon. Exceptions are Sandy, Linus, Demetrius (who studies it in a hazmat suit), and Leo if he’s moved to the valley.
  • Electronics like TVs and jukeboxes malfunction. The TV weather reports the day before hint at the green rain coming.
  • Certain buildings are accessible at any time, even without friendship hearts.

However, the green rain only lasts one day, but it’s a great opportunity to gather rare materials like moss and fiddlehead ferns in bulk. It’s an exciting and unexpected event that changes up the usual routine in Pelican Town.

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Stardew Valley Green Rain Benefits

While it may look strange, the Green Rain has some great benefits for players:

1. Increased Foraging Items:

During the Green Rain, new weeds and plants will grow all over the valley. These can be harvested to get valuable items like moss, fiddlehead ferns, and mixed seeds. Moss is especially useful, as it’s needed to craft several new items like the Mushroom Log and Moss Soup.

2. Mutated Trees:

Many of the regular trees in Stardew Valley will transform during the Green Rain. Some will grow moss that can be collected, while others will turn into strange, vine-like trees that drop lots of fiddlehead ferns when chopped down. These fiddleheads are hard to find otherwise, making the Green Rain a great time to stock up.

3. Friendship Boost:

With the strange weather, most of the villagers in Stardew Valley will head to the Stardrop Saloon to take shelter.

This makes it easy to quickly visit and raise your friendship levels with multiple people at once, instead of having to track them down at their usual locations.

4. No Crop Damage:

Unlike regular rain, the Green Rain won’t water your crops or fill your animals’ water bowls. So you don’t have to worry about it negatively impacting your farm operations. You can just focus on gathering the special items it provides.

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How To Get A Lot Of Moss Stardew Valley Green Rain?

The best way to get a large quantity of moss in Stardew Valley is to take advantage of the rare Green Rain event that occurs randomly once each summer.

During the Green Rain, almost every tree in the valley will be covered in moss that can be harvested with a scythe or axe.

To prepare, make sure to leave some trees uncut on your farm and in Cindersap Forest so they can grow moss naturally.

The more mature trees you have, the more moss you’ll find during the Green Rain. When the strange weather hits, drop everything and spend the day gathering moss from the transformed trees.

Each one will yield 1-2 pieces, and you can easily collect hundreds in a single day. In addition to the moss-covered trees, large fiddlehead fern vines will also appear that drop 5-6 fiddlehead ferns each when chopped down.

These can be used in recipes or to complete the Chef’s Bundle in the Community Center. The Green Rain also causes some villagers to gather at the Stardrop Saloon, making it a great opportunity to boost your friendship with them.

While the Green Rain only lasts 24 hours, it’s your best chance to stock up on moss for the year. The event is so rare that some players have complained that recipes requiring moss rely too heavily on this one-day windfall.

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