Brooke Monk

Did Brooke Monk Break Up With Her Boyfriend?

Creator of dance and lip-synch content, Brooke Monk is recognized for her short videos on TikTok. Most of her films contain topics appropriate for the typical high school student. On the platform, she has more than 31 million fans.

She is the middle child and has four sisters. In October 2020, she began dating celebrity social media user Sam Dezz. Brooke and Sam became together when Brooke messaged Sam directly on social media. Is there conflict in paradise, though? There are rumors that Sam cheated on Brooke.

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Did Brooke Monk’s Relationship Status

There were speculations that Sam had cheated on Brooke starting in May 2023. Following an old picture of the pair, fans began talking about this possible infidelity in the photo’s comments area. Nevertheless, these assertions were not backed up by any trustworthy evidence.

In addition, new suspicions over Sam’s infidelity surfaced in August 2023 following the assertion by Kayla Malec, the inventor of TikTok, that a male TikToker with a girlfriend had sneaked into her direct messages. A lot of people assumed the guy TikToker was Sam right away.

Sam responded to these charges by filming himself suturing Kayla. He said, “I would never [cheat]” in the text. Hopefully, Brooke and Sam will always be creating videos together. Sam and Brooke still post videos on TikTok that allude to their relationship. They appear to be more powerful than ever.

Online celebrities Sam Dezz and Brooke Monk have a very endearing bond. The creators have recorded numerous YouTube videos and TikToks since they began dating in 2020.

Their connection has been well-liked by fans over the years. One fan commented on Twitter, “Brooke Monk and Sam Dezz are such a fine couple.” Another tweeted, “Living for Sam Dezz and Brooke Monk’s relationship.”

How Their Relationship Started

In 2020, Brooke and Sam began communicating with one another. Pay attention to the impact of sending a direct message! Sam and Brooke, who were residing in Colorado at the time, initially communicated via social media. Even though they had never met, there were clear sparks between them.

According to Brooke, after a few months of communication, they realized they liked each other. This was mentioned in an episode of The Good Boys Podcast.

She even claimed that Sam had told her he wanted her more than just as a friend on June 28, 2020. Unfortunately, they were waiting to make things official and had yet to meet.

In October 2020, Brooke and Sam met in Los Angeles and started dating. Brooke posted a video in December 2020 with the caption, “Meeting my boyfriend for the first time.”

The vlog, which was reportedly shot in October 2020, follows Brooke and her father on their flight from Denver to visit Sam in Los Angeles, California.

When Sam meets her at the airport with a bunch of flowers, it’s their first time hanging together, and Brooke’s father is there to video it all. During this trip, Brooke also looks for an apartment to live near Sam.

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