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Dragon Ball Rage Codes

Many people’s lifelong fantasy is to transform into Super Saiyan so they can soar through the air and shoot ki blasts at enemies. You can perform this identical action in the Roblox game Dragon Ball Rage. You must battle allies, foes, and competitors in this game to demonstrate your might.

The Dragon Ball Rage codes collection is intended to help players who could use a quick boost to their level of expertise. In this post, we’ll look at the Dragon Ball rage codes and show you how to use them to get access to unique content.

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Dragon Ball Rage Codes

  • H3LLS00N: Use for 15 minutes of x3 XP (New)
  • WeAreBallin: Use for Dragon Ball (New)
  • DRAG00N: Use for 3 Radar Scans (New)
  • Metalizer150K: Use for a Free Dragon Ball
  • 750MIL!!: Use for 15 minutes of x3 XP
  • L0LN0C0D3S: Use for 5 minutes of x2 XP
  • Sub2Acausal: Use for 30 minutes of x2 XP
  • 800MIL??: Use for 30 minutes of x2 XP

About The Game

In this game, you compete against friends, opponents, and other players to demonstrate combat prowess. To become the best duelist, compete against other players and hone your skills in Dragon Ball Rage. The first step is to engage the evil guys directly or to join a more powerful group of players.

Go to the arena where players and NPCs can fight to the death whenever you feel like it.  You can level up and receive experience by engaging in duels, which will improve your attack, defense, and agility. You might gain access to better equipment and improve your character’s statistics.

Armor, new weapons, and supporting equipment can help you strengthen your defenses. You can also adapt your talents to suit your fighting style. You can also raise your Zenkai levels, a unique healing ability exclusively accessible to Saiyans, enabling you to continue fighting even if your health is low.

Users can use a variety of hacks and codes using the New Dragon Ball Rage Codes to gain access to unique abilities and rewards in the game. These codes can access bonuses, uncommon characters, goods, and gear.  By employing these codes, players can advance through the game more quickly and gain an advantage over their rivals.


How To Redeem Dragon Ball Rage Codes

Read the steps below if you need help using the Dragon Ball Rage codes.

  • Open the Fury, from Dragon Ball Z
  • Tap the ‘MENU’ button in the upper left to open the menu.
  • ‘CODES’ should be chosen.
  • Type or paste the code.
  • Choose “REDEEM”

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Using these codes is a great technique to improve gaming and give yourself an advantage over other players. You may control the game by unlocking strong characters, rare items, and other bonuses with the appropriate code.

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