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Goose Goose Duck Codes

In the game, players take on the roles of either a Duck or a Goose. The Geese are merely trying to finish their tasks without getting killed, but the Ducks are out to get them.

Specialized positions are also available to players, such as the Street Urchin, which has extra skills or requirements for success. The game modifies the formula while drawing much inspiration from Among Us.

Ducks attempt to give Geese an early death while they strive to finish jobs. With a playful touch, Goose Goose Duck presents a comparable take on the social deduction genre. And that’s where the codes come into play, rewarding you differently.

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All Active Codes

There are currently no codes available, do well to check back later. 

How To Redeem the Codes

  • Open your device’s Goose Goose Duck Mobile app.
  • On the main screen, click the Collections icon.
  • Choose the Redeem Code Popup option.
  • You can create the code or copy and paste it.
  • Click the Redeem button to redeem goods in exchange for the codes!

How Using the Codes Enhances Your Gaming Experience

Gaggle Studios, Inc.’s Goose Goose Duck is a game in which you can use codes to get freebies. While the game and Among Us are similar, there are some extra elements, including many game modes, over forty-five sub-roles, and numerous personalization possibilities.

The simplest method to obtain different accessories is using these redeemable codes if you want to customize your duck but don’t want to grind out a lot of matches to achieve so.

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About the Game

In Goose Goose Duck, roles function similarly to those in other social deduction games, including Among Us. Goose Goose Duck separates these fundamental functions into two groups: Geese and Ducks, as opposed to crewmates and imposters.

Features of the game:

  • Game lobbying, both public and private.
  • Many cosmetics are available to personalize your geese! Pets, clothes, hats, and farts!
  • More than five maps, such as Mallard Manor, Black Swan, Nexus Colony, and SS Mothership!
  • There are more than five built-in game modes: Goose Hunt, Dine & Dash, Classic, Trick or Treat, and Classic+!
  • There are more than thirty possible sub-roles, such as the Cannibal, the Morphling, and the Dodo Bird!

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