Locked Roblox Trello Link and Guide

This game is based on the popular manga series Blue Lock, which centers on a high school soccer team. In Locked, you create several player styles and are challenged to perform well on the field, scoring lots of goals.

Roblox Locked is the ideal game if you enjoy both sports and anime. This experience draws inspiration from the sports anime Bluelock. Similar to the show, players can use a special talent they randomly acquire in the arena, each of which is a distinct rarity.

Your abilities will be tested as you head-to-head against other online gamers in team matches. Try to get Yen by finishing tasks or winning games to reroll your skills and attributes and enhance your character’s power.

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Trello Link

Trello is a project management tool that Roblox creators use to create digital boards with information about their games.

The Stand Powers Trello board has in-depth explanations from the creators about every stand, item, and non-player character in the game.

It’s an invaluable resource that teaches you about the mechanics of the game and what to expect in PvP for both new and experienced players.

The official Roblox Locked Trello Link is provided below, which you can access to the game’s Trello Board. There, you can discover the most fundamental ideas behind the game and the intricate mechanics you need to understand to fully appreciate each fundamental notion. The Roblox Locked Trello details maps, flow types, controls, tier lists, available weapons, traits, and more.

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Roblox Locked Controls

  • RMB: To shoot, depress the RMB button to charge your shot, then release it to fire.
  • RMB (As In Air) Headbutt Shift, Run, Slide Tackle, V, Hold to regain energy
  • G: Start the Flow
  • R: Turn on the weapon
  • T: Turn on Trait B: Turn on Emote Wheel
  • Menu: M; Shift Lock: CTRL
  • F: Static block
  • Dive right (C), dive left (Z), pick up the ball (E), dive forward and catch the ball (Q), then punt (RMB).

About the Game

In this unique experience with an anime influence, you can use your randomly acquired skills and attributes to your advantage in competitive team battles to determine who is the best player and can lead your team to victory.

Get Yen to improve your character and reroll your skills. Users can obtain different in-game skills using currency through spins.

Players may play auto-games to earn cash. As their monetary reward, they receive 100 times the amount of game reward they won throughout the match. The currency earned is directly proportional to the Elo gained during the game.

Players can now select between 5’3 and 6’3 in height to influence their gameplay. Taller characters are slower but have stronger shots, whereas shorter characters are faster but have weaker shots. This makes it possible for playing styles to be more customized and varied.

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