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One of the most played Roblox anime fighting games is called Project Baki 2, based on Keisuke Itagaki’s Baki series. You take on the role of a fighter in the game, and your main goal is to master various fighting techniques like boxing, taekwondo, and karate.

Project Baki 2 is about a mission to become the best street fighter, not simply another combat game on Roblox. Do you recall the times you used to act like a hero, getting ready for a big fight? These fantasies from childhood come true with this game.

Project Baki 2 provides a glimpse into a fighter’s life, from the gym’s sweat and grind to hitting punching bags and downing protein drinks to the exhilaration of staking your claim in street fights.

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Project Baki 3 Trello link

Like with other Roblox games, Project Baki 2’s developers have created a Trello board with all of the game’s information, including controls, a narrative, maps, and more.

The majority of Roblox games feature a Trello that the developers have created to give players detailed information that is frequently superior to what a Wiki can supply. Because there is so much in the game for players to learn, you must keep reading the Trello board updates to remain relevant.

Thanks to the developers, Project Baki 3 is now playable by all players. They offer tier lists, instructions, advice, and more on their official Discord channel, which you can enter by clicking the link below.

Discord link for Project Baki 2: DISCORD LINK

Project baki 3 trello link: TRELLO LINK

About the game

“Project Baki 3” gives you multiple ways to train and level up. You can start by going to the gym and working out hard. This is a fantastic method to improve your physical abilities and general performance. But you must acquire a gym membership, which costs yen, the in-game currency.

Earning yen is a crucial component of the game’s growth. Fighting enemies or completing tasks and hunts, like working as a cashier in a restaurant, market, or woodland, can earn you yen.

You can spend the yen you earn to buy food, which will help you gain more calories and maintain a healthy character. Food is available from Shawn’s Brazilian Food, as well as hotdog and ice cream stands.

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Moreover, “Project Baki 3” adds a tactical component with its Global Cooldown mechanism. When you use a move later, you’ll discover it has a 4-second cooldown before you can use it again.

This incentivizes players to strategically arrange their assaults and coordinate their movements for maximum impact. By chaining attacks seamlessly, players can take advantage of this cooldown by initiating an M1 combo immediately after performing a move.

Another essential component of fighting in the game is blocking. When you successfully block three of your opponent’s light assaults, they will get temporarily stunned, allowing you to take advantage of their weakness and administer harsh hits. This gives the fighting mechanisms more depth and prizes players for becoming proficient in defense strategies.

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