2 Quick Tips on Getting Sharingan Eyes in Shindo Life

This is a guide to obtaining Sharingan eyes In Shindo Life. Sharingan who is currently known as Akuma is a rare Eye Bloodline, with only one out of every 65 people having it. In battles, Akuma focuses on stunning opponents and avoiding attacks.

Plus, there are nine different versions of Akuma, each with its unique set of abilities: Bankai, Satori, Shiver, Raion, Riser, Shindai, Sarachia, Indra, and Kamaki.

However, there are two ways you can get Akuma eyes In the game:

  • You can get It through customs eyes ID
  • You can also get It through Bloodline

Let’s dive In.

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Customs Eyes ID

To get Akuma eyes in Shindo Life, just buy custom eyes. Grab any image from Roblox’s library or find IDs online. Once you’ve got eyes in mind, get their ID (look in the URL after “asset/”) and toss it into the “Edit” page under “[CHARACTER]” in both “[LEFT-FACE-ID]” and “[RIGHT-FACE-ID]” fields.

Tap the “+” icon next to “[EYE COLOR]” to open the custom eyes window. However, swapping eyes costs 3k RELL Coins. You can match eyes for both slots or combine them. If an ID has both eyes in its graphic, use the same ID for both left and right face fields to keep the look intact.

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In Shindon Life, obtaining an Akuma involves unlocking a special eye mode through certain bloodlines. These bloodlines, like Akuma, Bankai-Akuma, Shiver-Akuma, and others, can transform your eyes into Akuma when activated. To get one, head to the “Edit” page on the main game menu and start spinning for luck.

However, these Akuma-friendly bloodlines aren’t common. You’ll need to spin quite a bit to hit the jackpot and land yourself one of the best eye-changers. If luck’s not on your side, some bloodlines occasionally pop up in the RELL Coin store that is available for purchase with RELL Coins.

Every spin throws a random bloodline your way, so be ready for trial and error. Though, there are a lot of other eye bloodlines. Take Shindai-Rengoku, for example, activating its mode turns your eyes into Rinnegan. Jokei, on the other hand, changes to Byakugan.

And, if Naruto’s eyes are more your style, most other bloodlines offer RELL Games’ eye creations or make Improvements to versions of the ones from the Naruto series.

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