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Swap Riders Codes

Hi Swap Riders, you’ll want to pay attention to this. You can now have access to special promo codes that can be redeemed for free in-game currency, boosts, pets, and other cool rewards. They’re like free money and power-ups that can give you a nice head start or bonus in the game.

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See List of Active Code

  • SWAP – 20 Skulls

Benefits of Redeeming The Codes

  1. Free Currency – Many codes reward you with the in-game currency used to purchase pets, upgrades, and more. Getting some free bucks can accelerate your progress.
  2. Exclusive Pets – Some prized codes will unlock special limited-edition pet companions that can’t be obtained any other way.
  3. Power-ups & Boosts – Finding codes for power-ups like increased luck, move speed, and resource boosts can be absolute game-changers.
  4. It’s Free– This one’s obvious, but the best part is you don’t have to pay a dime to take advantage of these codes. It’s all 100% free value.

How to Redeem The Codes

  1. Launch Swap Riders and get into the game
  2. Tap on the green Kodak icon on the lower part of your screen
  3. A code redemption box will pop up – click on it to make the text field appear
  4. Copy and paste or type in your code exactly as it appears (they are case-sensitive!)
  5. Hit the green checkmark button and if valid, the rewards will be added to your account! That’s seriously all there is to it. Just stay on the watchlist for new code releases on this page.

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Final Thoughts

As you may already know, redeeming promo codes is one of the easiest ways to get a little boost and extra freebies in any Roblox game.

For Swap Riders fans, it’s an absolute must. Take a few seconds to copy and paste those codes whenever new ones come out. And your in-game characters will be grateful you did them a favor.

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