Sword Chronicles Awaken Code

Qooland Games created the light-hearted role-playing game Sword Chronicles Awaken. You must assemble a group of heroes since you are the chosen one.

Freebies are always beneficial, make use of the Sword Chronicles awaken code provided below to enhance and fortify your gameplay.

There are hundreds of heroes available to pick from across four factions. Defend the heroes, bring them together, and upgrade them.

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List of Active Codes

  • Phenomenal
    • 400x Meteorgem, 2x Hero Vouchers, and 2x Affinity Boxes
  • Mystery Bag
    • 400x Meteorgem, 3x Hero Vouchers, and 2x Affinity Boxes

How To Redeem The Code

How Using The Code Enhances Your Gaming Experience

The most recent codes released provide you with extra gaming treasures that you can use to enhance the heroes’ skills. You’ll benefit from those boosts in P.V.E. and PVP combat.  You can use the codes to exchange for worthwhile prizes.

Get codes to unlock a pile of meteor gems, XP goods, and food to satisfy your newfound companions right here. As you acquire characters through the gacha system, assemble the strongest team you can and embark on an expedition to uncover the intricate plot of Sword Chronicles.

Fortunately, you can currently use six codes in the game, which will allow you plenty of opportunities to develop your character.

Since you don’t manage your character in the game, you’ll have the best chance of winning against the most formidable opponents if your character is as strong as possible. Fortunately, using the boosts in these codes is the best way to accomplish this.

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About The Game

As the chosen one, you will call upon the mightiest and most recognizable warriors from historical conflicts to face the Tenchu Sect’s evil force. To write your legend, hone your Divine Weapon, summon your Magic Beasts, and put together your special team!​

The immersive fantasy adventure game Sword Chronicles Awaken immerses players in a dangerous and mysterious world through strategic gameplay and exhilarating battles. To become a real hero, investigate fascinating locations, discover mysteries, and participate in thrilling battles.

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