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Techtonica Water Wheel Guide

A factory-building game called Techtonica is now in early access. The joy in this game is in building effective production networks.

Players can’t first use the water wheel, a critical part of the Techtonica power system. Adventurers must set out to unearth and scan this extraordinary machine remains to get its design.

However, it would help if you had electricity to perform this. You can find instructions on operating the water wheel in this post.

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About The Game

Build massive, adequate facilities, establish your base of operations in the alien tunnels, and raise the bar for mining and production. To create and clear room for your machines, bend the ground to your will.

In Techtonica, exploration is profitable. To locate rewards and scan aging artifacts, tunnel to vast mining mines, research-rich buildings, and hidden caves.

You’ll gain access to fresh recipes for more potent technologies and improved automated systems. Explore Techtonica’s dark interiors in first person while surrounded by bioluminescent plants in Beautiful World.

In the game’s virtual world, adopting sustainable power sources not only increases the productivity of your production but also showcases your dedication to environmental care.

Conveyor Belts and Inserters allow you to automate production lines and improve factory flow by connecting a network of equipment and resources.

Finding a suitable location for your improvised power plant is essential to the success of the water wheel system. To successfully capture the kinetic energy of the water, the structure holding the water wheel must be situated immediately on a riverbank.

Construction of a platform for the generator to be installed must also be done very near the water wheel. The water wheel and generator need to be situated within a certain distance of one another to guarantee seamless operation.

Players at Techtonica have access to an environmentally efficient and sustainable power generation system thanks to the water wheel technology.

Players can access a renewable energy source that lessens the need for non-renewable resources and has a lower environmental impact by exploiting the natural flow of water.

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Game Features

  • Factory Building: Use dynamic, connected factory systems to power your mining and production.
  • Complete Automation: Conveyor belts and innovative travel systems simplify the construction, connection, and movement of vast, automated enterprises.
  • Rewarding Upgrades: With gaming mechanics constantly changing to include new problems and answers, you can start little and grow big.
  • Cityfires (20XX, Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered) contributes an original soundtrack to Aural Nirvana – Techtonica.
  • Techtonica will be wholly playable by one person or up to four people.

How to obtain The water wheel

If you have yet to, you’ll need to collect the water wheel’s blueprint before being sure you can receive it. To do this, go to a river and scan any water wheel remnants you find there.

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How to Apply The water wheel’

It can be used to generate electricity by submerging it in water. Still, you must link it to a generator to ensure you capture this energy.

The only potential problem is that the flow might not truly function if the generator is too far from the wheel, so make sure there is space for the generator close to where you put the spin.


Generally, a simple water wheel can only power up to two simple generators. However, better generators could have higher requirements, and the wheel won’t be able to handle both at once.

Unlocking and using the water wheel system is a game-changer for effective production networks in Tectonic. Players can acquire the water wheel’s blueprint through careful exploration and fragment scanning, giving a flexible and autonomous electricity source.

You may run numerous essential generators concurrently with the water wheel in charge of your power network, boosting the output of your industry to new heights.

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