The House TD Codes

The House TD is a distinct approach to the genre since it also integrates the features of an iconic horror game. Within eight months of its launch, the game has had over 95 million visits, and its creators intend to release additional chapters.

The House TD is a Roblox defense tower experience that blends elements of Tower Defense with an eerie Halloween theme.

While navigating Chapter 0, players are urged to work in groups of friends. Currently, 8 Floors are available, with more to be added gradually over the coming months.

This terrifying Roblox game will give you both shivers and thrills as you explore the mysterious haunted home and engage in tower defense-style combat with creatures.

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See All Codes Below

  • Chapter2 – 100 soul gems (new!)
  • H75k – ten voodoo coins
  • House50k  ten voodoo tokens
  • Happy40k – 200 soul gems
  • Souls30k – 200 soul gems
  • Thanks20k – 200 soul gems
  • Goatmelon – Melon Master

How To Redeem the Codes

  • Open Roblox and launch The House TD.
  • In the lower-left corner, click the CODES icon.
  • Enter the code in the textbox labeled “Enter Code Here.”
  • To receive your gift, press Enter.

How Using the Codes Enhances Your Gaming Experience

In the terrifying tower defense game The House TD on Roblox, you must contend with the spookiest monsters in the genre, coming at you from more angles than ever!

To upgrade and summon your Units, cooperate with other players in the most difficult levels and attempt to gather Soul Gems at any opportunity. Use every code accessible to you as you fortify your defenses against monsters and aim to top the leaderboards!

Look for codes that could give you extra Heroes to play with, increase your Soul Gems, or supply Hero Urns. These will be especially helpful to beginning gamers since they will provide them with a boost and encourage them to play more.

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About the Game

Among Roblox’s many tower defense games, The House TD stands out as one of the hardest. It would help if you leveled up your tactical units to prevent these monsters under the command of terrifying bosses from demolishing your base.

The House TD contains creepy, spooky skeletons that will chill you. Creatures lurk around every corner. Fortunately, these House TD codes provide jewels, allowing you to call fresh units to retaliate against enemies and help you confront your fear.

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