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10 Strongest Heroes In Hero Wars (2024)

The strongest hero in Hero Wars depends on different factors like team composition, game mode, and opponent. However, heroes like Krista, Martha, and Orion are often considered the most powerful due to their versatile abilities and high damage output.

Leveling up heroes through experience and promoting them with items can also boost their power. Then, improving heroes with skins, glyphs, artifacts, and other enhancements enhances their effectiveness in battles.

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Which Is The Strongest Hero In Hero Wars?

1. Krista


Krista Is one of the formidable heroes in Hero Wars due to her mastery of ice magic and her touching backstory. Abandoned as an orphan, her solitude nurtured her talent for ice magic.

Her life changed when she rescued a mage, who turned out to be her long-lost brother, Lars. Together, they form a powerful duo with Krista’s skills displaying her icy prowess.

“Icy Vengeance” releases ice crystals, dealing widespread damage. “Chains of Frost” weakens enemies’ magic defense and applies a watermark.

“Frozen Needles” freezes enemies’ movements, inflicting damage and marking them. And, “Crystallization” protects Krista from major damage with an ice block. Krista’s versatility in offense, defense, and support makes her a great hero in battles, especially when paired with her brother Lars.

2. Martha


Martha is considered the strongest hero in Hero Wars with her unique abilities, especially her skills rooted in the ancient tea of Zarakkar.

Her “Foremother’s Oath” skill boosts allies’ speed, while “Secret of Longevity” allows her basic attacks to heal herself based on the distance traveled by projectiles.

“Tea Party” creates a totem that restores allies’ health, protected from enemies but easy to area damage. With “Healing Brew,” the totem targets the ally with the lowest health for additional healing. These skills make Martha a formidable support hero, capable of keeping her team alive in battles.

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3. Orion


Orion is one of the strongest heroes in Hero Wars is Orion. He’s a mysterious figure from an unknown galaxy in the Dominion world.

Some view him as a grave threat, others as a savior. Orion’s skills make him formidable: his first skill, Total Destruction, launches 6 magic missiles at enemies with the highest health.

Magnetic Field which is his second skill, creates an explosion in the enemy backline, damaging and slowing them. Antimatter Blast, his third skill, stuns and damages the nearest enemy.

Additionally, his passive skill, Full Charge, grants him extra energy with each attack, boosting his force in battles. With these abilities, Orion proves himself to be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

4. Aidan



Aidan is one of the most powerful heroes In the game, boasting a unique set of skills.

His first skill, “Phoenix’s Embrace,” guards himself and a distant ally, exploding upon deactivation to damage nearby foes. With “Ignite,” Aidan inflicts the Phoenix Glyph on an enemy, dealing damage and applying a burning effect.

“Inner Fire” frees a healing wave for allies, intensifying with Aidan’s health recovery, while triggering self-ignition below 30% health for increased regeneration.

Then, “Bonds of Flame” establishes a link with the farthest ally, or his sibling Kayla if present, sharing health and providing bonuses based on their defenses.

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5. Kayla


Kayla is another fantastic hero in Hero Wars. She’s a conflicted character, torn between her identity as an ashen elf and her struggle with demonic lineage. Partnered with Aidan, she aims to bring Light and Hope to the Dominion.

Her skills show her power: Phoenix’s Fury inflicts pure damage and explodes on marked enemies, Raging Sparks strike nearby foes, and Ruled by Fire enables strategic repositioning and continuous glyph casting. When she stops burning, Overheat grants her enhanced Armor and Magic Defense.

6. Aurora


Aurora is also thought to be one of the strongest heroes in Hero Wars with her exceptional skills and background. As a child, she devoted herself to the Light, eventually earning the title of Paladin of Riversar.

Her abilities make her a great force on the battleground. Crystal of Selias delivers a damaging flash to enemies, while Crystalline Onslaught stuns and damages a single target.

Piercing Light casts a spark that damages multiple rivals, and Rainbow Halo passively absorbs magic damage, exploding to damage nearby enemies when full.

These skills make her versatile and resilient in combat, making her a top choice for players looking for a powerful hero.

7. Jorgen


In Hero Wars, Jorgen is one of the strongest heroes. With his first skill, Torment of Powerlessness, he summons a Skull that deals magic damage to nearby enemies and prevents them from gaining energy for a significant duration.

Jorgen’s second skill, Cycle of Energies, protects an ally, allowing them to gain energy at an accelerated rate until the guard is finished.

His third skill, Leper, curses the enemy team, redirecting physical damage to a specific target for a limited time. Then his fourth skill, Tainted Wounds, allows him to steal energy from enemies with each attack. This combination of offensive and supportive abilities makes Jorgen a versatile and powerful hero in Hero Wars.

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8. Astaroth


Astaroth is a tough hero with exceptional strength. His scorching blade and fiery gaze embody his wrath, fueled by rejection from divinity.

Astaroth’s “Flame Veil” skill pitches a guard protecting the entire team from physical harm. “Devastation” discharges hellfire upon distant foes, draining their energy.

With “Demon’s Allegiance,” Astaroth shares the burden of damage with the weakest ally, reducing their suffering. And, “Last Word” gives Astaroth the power to resurrect a fallen comrade or himself, providing a crucial second chance in battle.

9. Ziri


Ziri, one of the “Strongest Hero” in Hero Wars, boasts challenging skills. Her first skill, “Focus of Hatred,” bolsters her defenses and forces enemies to target her.

“Reflection of Pain” deflects physical damage back at attackers, especially effective against foes below level 130. When low on health, “Shelter of Sands” lets Ziri burrow to avoid damage and regenerate health.

Her ultimate, “Fury of Akhreb Ummi,” stuns nearby enemies against emergence and triggers her second skill. Notably, Ziri counters several opponent skills, including Maya’s “Poisonous Bonds,” Dante’s “Instrument of Fate,” and Artemis’s “Deadly Shower.”

10. Satori


Satori’s abilities revolve around dealing magic damage and applying Fox Fire marks to enemies. With his Ravenous Pack skill, his attacks inflict damage and strengthen it based on the marks he applies.

Meanwhile, Spirit Purification allows him to release a widespread assault, damaging multiple foes and marking them for future punishment.

Eternal Wisdom steals intelligence from enemies and replenishes Satori’s health, providing his longevity in combat. Imminent Reckoning also improves his effectiveness by adding Fox Fire marks to enemies when they gain bonus energy.

Satori’s basic attack, infused with magic, complements his skill set, guaranteeing he remains a strong force throughout battles.

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