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A Complete Guide on How To Win In Blade Idle

The plot of Blade Idle centers on a typical herb collector and has many stages. While exploring this enormous universe, he eventually comes upon a legendary blade that, when used to defeat creatures, increases his power.

There are many dungeons here, and all you have to do is kill everything you encounter. Blade Idle has an auto option that forces players to play through eight or nine stages, and much of the content is meant for beginners to understand.

With so many recently released games, the gaming industry is always subject to radical shifts. As a result, we have another action-packed simulation game called Blade Idle. The Mobirix has brought this to us, offering us many options in terms of gear and weapons.

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Blade Idle Game Tips and Guide

1. Make use of the complimentary boosts

Try watching commercials as a straightforward yet effective strategy. If you choose this path, you will receive a vast selection of free buffs that will give you a significant stat boost.

Seize the chance to enhance your adventure by activating these benefits up to five times a day instead of just once or twice.

Being a wise and astute player who enjoys the free-to-play option, this option surely becomes a crucial and worthwhile advantage.

2. To level up, carefully distribute your stat points

As you advance, remember to progressively enhance your abilities and allocate your stat points wisely, they should not be mistaken for genuine skills. Let your abilities blossom gradually.

  • The best progression for maximizing skill should go along these lines:

ATK -> Increase Stage Drop Rate -> Increase Skill Book Drop Rate -> Skill ATK -> Upgrade Final ATK -> DEF -> ATK SPD -> PEN -> ACU -> Increase Accessory Chest Drop Rate -> MOV SPD

While it’s wise to concentrate on important stats like ATK, you should only worry a little about the Gold Increase stat if you’ve exhausted all other options. Adjust the stat point distribution to your taste, but always keep ATK as your top priority.

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3. Improve your abilities after configuring it

When you first reach the game’s main screen, three skill bars are displayed, which you can personalize to your preference. As a player, you select from a pool of 12 Active and 12 Passive skills. You can only use the Active abilities in battle.

You should take advantage of every chance to improve these abilities, as they greatly affect how you play. In comparison to the skills obtained later in the game, the first set of skills (grey, green, and blue) have shorter cooldowns at the start but deal less damage.

But as you advance, you’ll be able to use more potent “end-game” abilities (purple, yellow, and red), which have longer cooldowns but deal a lot more damage.

Consider putting the skills you learned early on your first skill bar to maximize your performance. This configuration will allow them to cycle quickly, which is useful during grinding.

You should concentrate on using the stronger skills on your second skill bar and reserve them for difficult levels or situations.

Last, you can experiment with combining lower and higher cooldown skills to create a composition that strikes a balance by using the third skill bar.

4. Use your diamonds wisely

As a first-person shooter, you must carefully choose how to spend your hard-earned Diamonds in Blade Idle to buy weapons, armor, attractive outfits, priceless relics, and accessories.

Begin by obtaining, improving, and opening every piece of gear and weaponry. These things are essential to your trip. Thus, feel free to use a sizable chunk of your diamonds in this purchase.

Next, think about buying one of the many costumes that are offered. Thankfully, they won’t significantly deplete your Diamond reserves. Furthermore, having them all at your disposal makes it simple to transition between them based on the subject you’re working on.

You’ll understand the significance of Relics and Accessories as you play the game. These, therefore, become the most important things to concentrate on in the end. Invest your Diamonds in making these goods as good as they can be. These will be crucial to your achievement.

5. Keep track of your supplies

There is a special tab in your Inventory reserved for your chests containing fantastic gifts. Regularly check and open these treasures to reap their benefits, especially after hours of nonstop grinding. Thankfully, the Inventory has plenty of room to accommodate all of your newly acquired treasure.

But to reach your full potential, you must take the time to equip and improve whatever equipment you find, in addition to opening the chests. These deeds will strengthen your character even more, giving you crucial extra stats.

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About the Game

In the thrilling and compulsive idle game Blade Idle, you can learn the art of the sword. You can gather and improve blades by finishing tasks and challenges in this game. You can increase your power by unlocking new blades and strong upgrades throughout the game.

The game’s straightforward but clever battle system lets you select the most effective tactic to beat your rivals. Anyone looking for an entertaining idle game experience will find Blade Idle a terrific choice because of its intriguing prizes, difficult stages, and simple controls.

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