5 Best Slayer Legend Skills Build For Beginners 

  • Adventure skills
  • Close mines build
  • Spirit dungeon build
  • Mithril promotions build
  • Orichalcum build

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1. Adventure Skills

For tackling high mob volumes, prioritize skills with quick execution and minimal rebound time. Key skills include Fulgurous, Red Lightning, Hellfire Slash, Thunderbolt Slash, Earth’s Will, Speed Sword, Iron Will, or mana recovery skills.

When facing bosses, survival and dominance are necessary. Opt for skills like Fulgurous, Red Lightning, Hellfire Slash, Burning Sword, Earth’s Will, Speed Sword, Iron Will, or mana recovery skills.

For an advanced “End Game” build, focus on skills such as Fulgurous, Flame Pillar, Blizzard, Warrior Burn, Meditation, Speed Sword, Demon Hunt, Iron Will, and Earth’s Will. These skills can handle the toughest situations in the game.

2. Close Mines Build

The Closed Mines build in Slayer Legend offers players a strategic approach to advancing through floors and farming. Beginners can opt for two variations within this build.

The first, with 7 skills, focuses on intermediate-level abilities such as Fire Sword, Red Lightning, and Flame Wave, among others. This setup provides a balanced skill set for tackling challenges.

For those seeking a more advanced playstyle, the second build incorporates 9 skills. Alongside Fire Sword and Flame Wave, players gain access to Blizzard, Agile Movement, and Burning Sword, enhancing their combat versatility.

In both builds, the initial objective is to progress through floors by utilizing one feather and reaching the highest achievable level. Once accomplished, players concentrate on farming Stage 4 using Advertisement Scrolls to maximize rewards.

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3. Spirit Dungeon Build

The Spirit Dungeon Build in Slayer Legend is an adaptable choice for beginners due to its low initial investment and potential for high returns. This build gradually evolves into a formidable setup, making it a cost-effective option.

However, there are different approaches to crafting this build, each with its advantages and drawbacks. At the basic level, focus on skills like Burning Sword, Curved Blade, Lightning Stroke, Red Lightning, Earth’s Will, and Speed Sword.

Moving to the intermediate level, prioritize Red Lightning, Lightning Stroke, Supersonic, Burning Sword, Earth’s Will, Fire Sword, Meditation, Strong Current, Curved Blade, and Speed Sword.

Finally, at the advanced stage, integrate Red Lightning, Lightning Stroke, Lightning Body, Curved Blade, Burning Sword, Earth’s Will, Meditation, Rage, Speed Sword, and Supersonic.

4. Mithril Promotions Build

This build capitalizes on the potency of Fulgurous, enabling one-shot eliminations of weaker foes. To optimize performance, it’s important to deactivate the auto-function for Red Lightning and Thunderbolt Slash, activating them only when necessary.

Essential skills for this build include Red Lightning, Flame Wave, Thunderbolt Slash, Iron Will, Speed Sword, Curved Blade, and Fulgurous.

For enhanced damage potential, Lightning Stroke can replace Thunderbolt Slash. To fully use the benefits of the Mithril promotion build, a Mythic G4 – G1 Weapon is recommended.

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5. Orichalcum Build

The Orichalcum build in Slayer Legend emphasizes quick strikes and heavy damage output. Its main focus is on the Fulgurous skill, allowing quick attacks.

With the Hellfire Slash, players experience a significant damage boost. The Giga Strike adds to the build’s potency, delivering powerful blows.

For survivability, replacing Giga Impact with Power Impact can stun opponents and aid in managing HP. I recommend weapons range from Mythic G3 to G1 for optimal performance.

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