Project Bronze Forever Gift Codes
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Project Bronze Forever Gift Codes

This guide provides a list of active Project Bronze Forever codes you can redeem to claim free BP and lower-cost Shop Items.

Project Bronze Forever is a Pokémon-inspired adventure on Roblox and It’s all about exploring, collecting Pokémon, and battling other characters, including online players.

Your goal is to fill up your Pokédex by capturing as many Pokémon as you can. Also, you’ll earn money to buy items to help your Pokémon heal and level up. Interestingly, you’ll find secrets as you progress through the story and explore vast areas.

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List of Active Codes

  • AprilGameIsUpGuys – Free Rewards (4th Gym Badge)
  • 1MilCode – Free Rewards (2nd Gym Badge)
  • NoUpdateTodaySorry – Free Rewards (2nd Gym Badge)
  • AudioIsBack – Free Rewards (2nd Gym Badge)
  • Ash – Free Rewards (3rd Gym Badge)
  • Valentines2024 – Free Rewards (1st Gym Badge)
  • GameUpFrBro – Free Rewards (1st Gym Badge)
  • PurchasesBack – Free Rewards (4th Gym Badge)
  • Sorry4Downtime – Free Rewards (2nd Gym Badge)
  • GameIsUpYay – Free Rewards (7th Gym Badge)
  • NewGen9s – Free Rewards (3rd Gym Badge)
  • GameIsUp – Free Rewards (4th Gym Badge)
  • GameIsUpFully – Free Rewards (7th Gym Badge)
  • FreeBCap – Free Rewards (8th Gym Badge)
  • Week4 – Free Rewards (7th Gym Badge)
  • SlowServer – Free Rewards (3rd Gym Badge)
  • Week3 – Free Rewards (1st Gym Badge)
  • Week2 – Free Rewards (3rd Gym Badge)
  • HappyThanksgiving – Free Rewards (2nd Gym Badge)
  • How To Redeem the Codes

Step 1: Access The Menu

To start, locate the Menu button located on the left-hand side of your game screen. This button appears as a small icon, often resembling three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other.

Step 2: Go To Options

Once you’ve found the Menu button, click on it to open the game menu. Inside the menu, look for the Options button.

Step 3: Input Your Code

A new window or panel will appear on your screen after clicking the Options button. Within this window, you’ll find a text box designated for entering your code.

Step 4: Enter The Code

Carefully type your unique redemption code into the text box provided. It’s essential to input the code exactly as it appears, including any uppercase or lowercase letters, numbers, or special characters.

Step 5: Redeem

After entering the code, press the Enter key on your keyboard to start the redemption process.

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How Do You Get More Updated Codes?

To get Project Bronze Forever codes, you can stay updated by bookmarking our page. We regularly update it with new codes as soon as the game developers release them.

Another way to stay informed is by joining the Project Bronze Forever Discord Server. This community provides timely updates on codes and other game-related news. You’ll ensure that you always have access to the latest codes, allowing you to enhance your gaming experience.

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