Loop Dungeon's Tier List
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Loop Dungeon’s Tier List

Have you fallen under the charm of Loop Dungeon? But with a growing roster of heroes, building the ultimate team can feel like a heavy task. Gladly, we present to you a tier list to empower your conquest of the never-ending loop.

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Breakdown of All The List

1. S-Tier

a. The Necromancer: Has all it take to summons a relentless army of skeletons, keeping themselves safely out of harm’s way while their bony comrades pulverize enemies. Their scaling damage and crowd control make them a powerhouse in any situation.

b. The Archer: A master of ranged attacks, the Archer brings consistent high damage to the table. You can combine their sharpshooting with gear that boosts critical strike chance and watch enemies melt away before they even reach your frontline.

2. A-Tier

a. The Guardian: The cornerstone of any balanced team. They soak up enemy attacks, allowing your damage dealers to unleash their fury without fear of falling.

b. The Alchemist: This versatile hero offers a potent mix of damage and support. They can deal area-of-effect damage while also healing allies, making them invaluable for long treks through the dungeon.

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3. B-Tier

a. The Warrior: The Warrior deals decent damage and absorbs blows. While not as flashy as the S-Tier options, they’re a reliable choice for early and mid-game.

b. The Rogue: Can be a slippery customer. Their high dodge chance allows them to avoid a significant portion of incoming damage, making them a potentially difficult tank. However, their reliance on good gear drops can make them less consistent than some other options.

4. C-Tier

 a. The Priest: A dedicated healer, the Priest offers potent single-target heals. However, Loop Dungeon’s focus on damage and the Necromancer’s powerful support make the Priest somewhat less valuable in most situations.

b. The Wizard: With a powerful magical punch, the Wizard specializes in burst damage. Unfortunately, their squishiness and reliance on mana can make them a liability at times.

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Final Thoughts

Remember, this tier list is just a starting point and it is your job to experiment with different team compositions. This will help you to find out what works best for your playstyle, and most importantly, have fun conquering the loop.

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