Project Mugetsu Clan Tier List

Clans are secret tags that come with extra bonuses and boosts when you acquire them. The better the clan, the better the special abilities it brings to the table. Then, you will be able to unlock hidden powers that give you a leg up.

So, if you’re lucky enough to roll a rare clan, you will get Incredible abilities and advantages in whatever you’re up to In your adventure. In this post, I will be sharing with you some of the best Clans you should aim to get In Project Mugetsu, and you will learn about their boost and abilities.

Let’s dive In.

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Best Clans In Project Mugetsu



With 5.85+ Sword and Melee skills, plus a sturdy 315+ HP, you’re a force to be reckoned with. Block attacks like a champ with 12+ Blocks, and sprint into action with a 10+ Sprinter. Also, your 750+ Reiatsu gives you a spiritual edge.

You can reflect bad status effects with Ailment Reversal, turn Reishi into Reiatsu on your adventures, and rewind time with Antithesis (once per life, though).

Become a Master Archer for accurate arrow shots, and regenerate like a boss with 50% boosted High-Speed Regeneration, giving you a 20% chance to dodge a stormy attack. Soul Consumption lets you double dip in souls and gives you a 50% shot at HP Regen.

Fly around with Speedster’s faster flashstep, be 35% speedier than other clans with Enhanced Speed, and dodge skills like a pro for 2.5 seconds with Enhanced Reflexes. And if you want to level up fast, you can enjoy 4x Mastery buffs with Advanced Growth Rate.

Your Immense Spiritual Power boosts your Reiatsu bar, and Spiritual Awareness lets you sense players through walls. Activate Adaptability for a 1.75x speed boost, 1.5x damage increase, and double jumps, just watch out, because there is no passive healing when you’re at 25% HP.

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Boost your character with these abilities. Gain more health, and spiritual energy (Reiatsu), and improve your sword and melee skills significantly. Enhance your defense with a powerful block ability. Move faster with improved Flashstep and running capabilities, and dodge any skill for 2.5 seconds.

You can also enjoy a double mastery buff across all categories, and watch your Reiatsu bar expand. Progress twice as fast with Soul Consumes, and get a 50% chance of health regeneration. See opponents through walls, and when your health drops below 30%, take less damage.

If you are below 25%, you will experience increased speed and damage, but lose passive healing and jump higher.



You can strengthen your character with these bonuses: +135 Health for more durability, +100 Reiatsu to unleash powerful abilities, and a +2.5 Sword bonus for stronger attacks. Improve your close combat with +1 Melee and +4 Block for enhanced defense.

Soar around with +3 Speed and relish a 15% increase in area-of-effect on basic attacks. Master abilities faster with a 3.5x boost and see your Reiatsu bar grow.

You can become immune to debuffs, speed up Shikai/Bankai acquisition, and slash costs with a 50% reduction in skill and potion expenses.

Experience quicker cooldowns, a stronger Flashstep, and a damage buff when under 30% HP.

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This clan sword is an upgrade for your character. It makes your attacks stronger and faster with a +2 sword and +2 melee boost. You become tougher with a +3 block and get a massive health boost of +120. Your spiritual energy (Reiatsu) goes up by +75, and you move quicker with +1 speed.

When you swing your sword, it hits a wider area with a 15% increase. You also become a sword master faster with 0.7x more experience. The best part is that you recover from freezes 65% faster. Your quick teleport (Flashstep) is cheaper and comes back faster.

As you get hurt, you become even more powerful, dealing more damage and taking less damage, plus you become immune to fire burns below 30% health.

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