Project XXL Trello Link and Guide

In the thrilling role-playing Roblox game Project XXL, users must locate and seize fruits hidden beneath the world to enhance their skills and talents.

With more strength, you can engage in combat with bad guys and advance by accepting incentives. Furthermore, you may still need to familiarize yourself with many aspects of this game.

Therefore, we have included links to the game’s Trello and Discord pages below to aid and guide you through it. Read on to find out more!

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About The game

A Roblox game called Project XXL is based on some of the most well-known anime ever. Join Roblox Project XXL as it takes you on a grand role-playing journey through a universe influenced by the fabled One Piece.

In this exhilarating Roblox game, you’ll find yourself in a vast and fascinating environment full of adventures, mysteries, and deadly opponents.

You can design your distinct character as a player and go on an exploration and conquest voyage. You’ll encounter difficulties along the route, such as dangerous quests and formidable foes.

You will explore a massive metropolis full of objectives to complete, opponents to engage in intense anime-style battles, and opportunities to pick up new skills from martial arts masters in this action role-playing game.

About Trello

Trello is a project management and teamwork solution that arranges your work into boards. Trello is a collaborative platform that lets you quickly see what has to be done, by whom, and where it is about other tasks. Picture a whiteboard covered in sticky notes.

There is a task for you or your group in each message. Suppose every sticky note contains documents, images, and attachments from Jira or Salesforce.

One of the most significant and most well-known digital marketplaces to find game specifics, such as weaponry and character profiles, is Trello.

You can also leave comments and work together there. Imagine accessing your whiteboard from anywhere in the world via the Internet and carrying it everywhere you go on your smartphone.

Trello is a popular tool used by Roblox development teams to give players FAQs, tier lists, update logs, tutorials, and other information regarding Roblox games.

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Project XXL Trello Link

Everything you require to understand the GAME CONCEPT: races, controls, bosses, abilities, maps, NPCs, in-game objects, currencies, weaponry, game updates, and a plethora of other information is covered in Project XXL Trello.

 You may discover gaming tips and information on Project XXL’s Trello board. Some of the information that is still available there is as follows:

  • Information about every notion and idea that was used to create the game.
  • The game’s Devil Fruits all.
  • Every Fighting Style is available in the game.
  • Every weapon in the game, including evolved weapons.
  • All of the game’s armor.
  • In the game, every race.
  • Every boss and mob in the game.
  • Every boss in the game drops.

Project XXL Controls

  • Ctrl – Accelerate Shift – Lock the Mouse1-Basic Fighting
  • Dash, Q, Geppo, F, Block Space x2, and G, Energy Charge
  • T: Race Skill (NEW YARD)
  • V – Specific Ability (NEW)
  • Y: Transform (EXPECTED SOON)

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Frequently Asked Questions About Project XXL Trello

1. Who Is Project XXL’s Creator?

The creator of Project XXL is Witch Hunter Barracks.

2. What Is Included in the Discord Link for Project XXL?

The Project XXL Discord link contains all the essential guidelines, previews, giveaways, codes, etc.

Final Words

Roblox’s Project XXL is getting a lot of attention right now, which has led to an increase in in-game questions on the Internet. The Project XXL Trello and Discord Link provided above have all been verified project XXL Trello

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