Top Wars Best Heroes (Tier List)

Top War is a cutting-edge strategy game with a merge to upgrade gameplay. To lead the soldiers stationed in the Army, Navy, and Air Forces to victory, and assemble.

Legendary Heroes! Enhance heroes and soldiers with unique abilities and gear to command all three armies to eternal triumph!

In the incredibly entertaining strategy game Top War: Battle Game, you may engage in genuine wars with your alliance while engaging in online combat with players worldwide in several game types.

You may be wondering how to assemble your team. Don’t worry; we’ve sorted through all the current heroes to bring you this  Top war’s best heroes.


About The Game

It’s impossible to predict what will happen in the gaming world next. At a time when the “merge to upgrade” phenomenon may be at its peak of popularity.

Top War: Battle Game is released. But does this game offer something more, or is it just trying to cash in on a trendy gaming mechanic?

These Tyrants rule the world! An unending battle, displaced people everywhere, and a hopeless planet. Who is going to free us?

Together with the Freedom League, become the most formidable Commander and a fearless leader in the fight against the Legion! If you can integrate buildings, talents, or units, you can upgrade them all to increase your power!

This game is, first and foremost, a city (base) builder. You can access various game features by building, repairing, and unlocking buildings around your camp.

These structures include research institutes, training camps, and mines. As previously indicated, the Merge mechanic is also in play here, allowing two identical buildings at the same level to combine to create one of the subsequent levels. One level 4 mine, for instance, is produced by two level 3 mines.

The outcome is typically more potent than the combined strength of the two preceding tiers. Other buildings also stand in for different in-game features and activities you can access, such as events, challenges, missions, etc.

This game is more complex than it initially seems, and there is more to it than meets the eye. In addition, you can fight elite mobs, train and hire heroes, acquire mechanical equipment, improve components, build professions, and do a lot more.

Top wars best heroes – Ranked

S+, S, A+, A, B+, B, C, and D tiers make up the tier. D is the weakest tier, and S+ is the strongest. Thus, all we’ve done is provide you access to the strongest heroes (S+, S, and A+) so you can win every fight.

The best Air Force heroes in Top War

1. S Tier

  • Maximo (SSR)
  • Selina (SSR)
  • Barbie (SSR)
  • Crimson Typhoon
  • Rockfield (SSR)
  • Lady Zizak (SSR)
  • Villiers (SSR)
  • Tian Mu (SSR)
  • Dante (SSR)
  • Brady
  • Hartman (SSR)
  • Serval (SSR)
  • Arthur Harris (SSR)
  • Lancaster (SSR)
  • Kum & Hazel (SSR)

2. A Tier

  • Sasso (SSR)
  • Starscream (SSR)
  • Aya (SSR)
  • Saker (SSR)
  • Tsuru (SSR)
  • Nadia (SSR)
  • Sauvage (SSR)

3. B Tier

  • Edward (SSR)

4. C Tier

  • Ricardo (SR)
  • D Tier
  • Gero (SR)
  • O’Neill (R)

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The best Army heroes in Top War

5. S Tier

  • Striker Eureka (SSR)
  • Polik (SSR)
  • Brynhildr
  • Preycis (SSR)
  • Shinji Ikari (SSR)
  • Optimus Prime (SSR)
  • Coyote Tango (SSR)
  • Megatron (SSR)
  • Arcee (SSR)
  • Ben (SSR)
  • Katyusha (SSR)
  • Tywin (SSR)
  • Gira (SSR)
  • Alex (SSR)

6. A Tier

  • Cherno Alpha (SSR)
  • Del Toro (SSR)
  • Mei (SSR)
  • Bumblebee (SSR)
  • Rei Ayanami (SSR)
  • Cromwell (SSR)
  • Springfield (SSR)
  • Bell (SSR)
  • Li Hongyu (SSR)
  • Fahed (SSR)
  • Silence (SSR)
  • Bradley (SSR)

7. B Tier

  • Katushya (SSR)
  • Scaramanga (SSR)
  • Ghost (SSR)
  • Friedman Hertz (SSR)
  • Sam (SSR)
  • Gipsy Danger
  • Diana (SSR)
  • Kuruzo (SSR)

8. C Tier

  • Amalia (SSR)
  • Rambo (SR)
  • Comedy Consortium (SSR)
  • Delhuyar (SR)
  • Ishi Tarou (SR)
  • Reichstein (SR)

9. D Tier

  • Wade (SR)
  • Black Widow (R)
  • Kate Curry (SR)

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The best Navy heroes in Top War

10. S Tier

  • Kotiya (SSR)
  • Erinyes (SSR)
  • Diamanto (SSR)
  • Nereid (SSR)
  • Yuu (SSR)
  • Seaspray (SSR)
  • Bassel (SSR)
  • Chloe (SSR)
  • Bellevue (SSR)
  • Akatora (SSR)
  • Nimitz (SSR)
  • Layla (SR)

11. A Tier

  • Maplelyn (SSR)
  • 914 (SSR)
  • Bailos (SSR)
  • Tide Crusher BW-3 (SSR)
  • Teresa (SSR)
  • Katrina (SSR)
  • Violet (SSR)
  • Sid (SSR)
  • Anderson Nemo (SSR)
  • Merida (SSR)

12. B Tier

  • Lee Yewon (SSR)
  • Ganso (SSR)
  • Shaquille O’Neal (SSR)

13. C Tier

  • Hammer (SR)
  • Simon (SR)

14. D Tier

  • Bob (R)

Final Words

The Top Wars tier list above has been thoroughly researched and tested. You now know which ones are worthwhile and which ones aren’t.

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