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Watcher Of Realms Tier List

On watcher of realms, choosing the right champion can feel like navigating a path blindfolded. Gladly, this article is set to bring you the tier list that will illuminate your path towards the ultimate team composition.

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Watcher Of Realms Tier List Breakdown


These heroes excel in specific areas, offering valuable contributions to your team.

  • Izanami: A master of crowd control, locking down enemies and creating opportunities for allies.
  • Odin: Such a sturdy tank, soaking up damage and protecting your squishy teammates.
  • Loki: Cunning trickster, manipulating enemy positions and disrupting their strategies.


These heroes are solid choices, performing well in various situations. They might not shine as brightly as the top tiers, but they’ll never leave you hanging.

  • Excalibur: Such a versatile fighter, dealing decent damage and offering some healing.
  • Anubis: A damage dealer with lifesteal, sustaining himself while whittling down enemies.
  • Athena: Gives some defensive support, shielding allies and providing buffs.

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These heroes excel in specific scenarios but might struggle in others.

  • Medusa: With a tendency to deal damage, but her reliance on debuffs can be inconsistent.
  • Mulan: A tank with self-buffs, but her overall impact is limited compared to others.
  • Freyja: Offers healing, but her single-target buffs are less impactful.


While they might have potential, these heroes currently underperform compared to their peers.

  • Poseidon: His damage potential is decent, but his reliance on specific team compositions holds him back.
  • Hades: A tank with control, but his overall effectiveness is outshined by others.
  • Artemis: Does a ranged damage, but her damage output is underwhelming.


These champions dominates various game modes with their unmatched prowess.

  • Aeon: A damage goddess, her ultimate inflicts devastating blows, while her passive buffs allies.
  • Solaris: Blinding enemies with light and healing teammates, she’s a support powerhouse.
  • Zephyr: Such a destructive hero, tearing through enemies with his attacks and debuffs.

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Final Thoughts

Of course, the  tier list is just a  snapshot, not a gospel. The ever-evolving meta, your playstyle, and team synergy all play crucial roles. It’s in your best interest to experiment, adapt, and most importantly, have fun conquering the realms.

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