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Northgard Clan Tier List

Are you ready to set sail for the unforgiving lands of Northgard, carve out your kingdom, and lead your clan to glory? But with 13 unique clans, distinct strengths, and weaknesses, choosing your champion can feel as daunting.

That’s why this article presents to you a tier list designed to guide you through the Northgard and help you choose the clan that will bring you victory.

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Northgard Clan Tier List Breakdown


  • Snake Clan: Using trade and sabotage to your advantage. With a unique economy and focus on influence make them a flexible choice.
  • Kraken Clan: Sink your enemies beneath the waves with the power of the Kraken. Their focus on the sea and strong military make them a force to be reckoned with on coastal maps.
  • Lynx Clan: You can now strike from afar with deadly precision. They have a good playstyle and ranged units are perfect for those who prefer a more tactical approach.


  • Goat Clan: Build tall and strong, utilizing your unique food system and defensive bonuses to weather any storm.
  • Deer Clan: Embrace the bounty of the forest, focusing on gathering and resource management.
  • Horse Clan: Charge into battle with the speed and fury of the wind.


  • Rat Clan: Living off the scraps of other clans and utilizing your unique units to gain an edge. They have an unconventional playstyle that can be rewarding for experienced players.
  • Ox Clan: You can build a slow but unstoppable force, with a focus on massive production and late-game dominance.
  • Raven Clan: Embrace the power of knowledge and manipulation, utilizing your unique abilities to gain an edge in information and diplomacy.


  • Dragon Clan: Harness the power of the mighty wyrm, unleashing fire and fury upon your enemies.
  • Wolf Clan: Embrace the savage spirit of the wolf, excelling at raiding and snowballing their economy.
  • Bear Clan: Tough as their namesake, they can thrive on harsh winters and boast unparalleled resilience.

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Final Thoughts

The lands of Northgard await your conquest and all you have to do is discover the clan that resonates with your playstyle and leadership style. so choose your banner wisely, raise your horns, and carve your legend into the icy annals of history.

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