A List of Top Troops Tier List

Top Troops an Adventure RPG is a new adventure RPG title provided to you by Zynga Inc. The game takes the players on an epic adventure as they claim back their fallen empire and build it back from the start by taking one unit at a time and one piece of territory at a time.

The game, being a war strategy title, gives numerous characters who act as units on the battlefield; each character has something different to them as it helps the players diversify their battlefield plans.

Characters are the fundamental cornerstones of any game, especially combat games. You can personalize your soldiers according to your demands and games to deliver your best in your game.

The gameplay also enables various units to be buffed up with identical units on the battlefield, so having a diversity of units on the battlefield may be helpful for players. In this Top Troops Tier List, we will list the most excellent troops the players can pick for early success.

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Top Troops Tier List Guide

1.   S Tier

All S-tier heroes have high base stats.

  • Elemental Wizard – Mage unit

Elemental Wizard

Attacks stun (like basic attacks have a limited AOE range), and at upgrade level 10, she increases the attack speed of troops near her.

  • Archangel – Support unit


Becomes a bit of a tank. AOE HP regen ability gets damage resistance at upgrade level 10. It also has enhanced resistance against ranged damage.

  • Imperial Elf – Ranged unit

Imperial Elf

Attacks shoot twice. Gains attack range and attack speed. There are no severe assassins to worry about this late in the game.

  • Juggernaut – Epic moustache.


The frontline unit has an aoe stun, and aoe block chance and gains higher HP.

  • Thor – Melee unit


Knockbacks mess with his capacity to attack. Attacks are AOE and deal a lot of damage.

  • Royal Paladin – Melee unit

Straight front tank and slash unit.

  • Armored Troll – Frontline unit

It has a small knockback, restores melee damage, and attacks stun at upgrade level 10.

  • Berserker – Melee unit

AOE skill. He can give himself battle rage. It doesn’t match the war drummer’s superfluous fury.

  • Battle Drummer

Delivers anger in a small area. Does well with an essentially melee attack-based group.

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2.   A Tier

They are believed to be among the most robust and most powerful.

  • Arcane Hunter – Ranged attacking unit

Slow attack speed, but strikes can pierce many units.

  • Ninja Mole – Assassin unit

Start crawling underground to get to your ranged or magic units after battle. It goes invisible if it kills a unit. It can be a nuisance to deal with.

  • Warrior Carriage – Assassin Unit

Moves in a straight line, delivering damage to opponent troops. When destroyed or reaches the end of the map, it bursts with two rare units within.

The level of units is based on the level of warrior carriage. It’s a good counter for Assassins as it may run over them even while they are stolen.

  • Golem – Frontline unit

Gains attack range and attack speed.

  • Necromancer Rat – mage unit

It summons some fodder units and deals some ranged magic damage. Summoned units are weak yet nonetheless effective for wasting opposing strikes.

  • Ent – Support unit

It has an AOE that renders teammates within the radius immune to stun and knockback. It could be helpful or not.

  • Catapult – Ranged unit

Very long-distance assault with a sluggish attack speed.Some folks like it. Vulnerable to assassins.

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3.   B Tier

  • Draggy – mage unit with AOE attack

Functional early, mid, dubious, and late game. Good for killing fodder (see Common Units for fodder).

  • The troll-frontline unit

The troll is suitable for soaking up damage. It also reflects some melee damage. Score 6/10

  • Assassin – Assassin unit

Teleports behind enemy lines and can be effective for killing pesky backline ranged units. It feels like an actual unit after upgrade 4, which gains 3 seconds of stealth.

  • Orc Rider – melee unit

Orc Rider gains extra damage when achieving a running start.

  • Blue Wizard – Mage unit

Blue Wizard does range damage and can slow enemies.

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4.   C Tier Heroes

C-tier and D-tier units can be used late-game for sacrifices, so don’t trash them. They become mostly useless in battles after the first day of playing.

  • Axe Thrower – Ranged Unit

It does have a debuff and knockback, which makes it marginally more helpful than Archer later in the game. Score 2/10

  • Swordsman – Melee unit

Minor usefulness early game. Once you can recruit rare units, there is no reason to field this unit. 1/10 score

  • Goblin

Faster attack speed, less health.

5.   D Tier

  •  Kamikaze

Explodes on impact with enemy unit. Damage is not significant mid to late game.

  • Archer

Weak ranged attack.

Final Words

That’s all for now! We have completed the Top Troops tier list. With this guide, we strive to improve the excitement and fun of your trip!

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