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Is Payday 2 Compatible With Multiple Platforms?

This post provides a candid answer to the question: Does Payday 2 have crossplay? And you will learn:

  • It supports PC
  • Xbox
  • PS4
  • Switch

But then, allow me to walk you through Payday 2 gameplay.

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Payday 2 is an action-packed video game where players get to experience all kinds of exciting rip-offs. These heists can be done alone, with computer-controlled teammates, or in multiplayer mode. Planning and executing bank robberies, smuggling drugs, rigging elections, or even stealing nuclear warheads.

The game has a friendly website-style menu called, this is where you choose your missions. You can either pick up an open contract, join someone else’s job, or spend your in-game money on a contract of your own. The difficulty level varies from Normal to Death Sentence, with higher levels offering more rewards.

Some thefts are multi-day adventures with different objectives each day. And if things go loud (meaning alarms blare), the game can throw in an escape level. If you can stay hidden from cameras, silently take out security guards, and prevent witnesses from calling the police, you’ll earn extra experience and money.

But if things go loud, you’ll have to complete your objectives, grab the loot, and fight off waves of police. Speaking of enemies, you’ll face various challenges, from SWAT units to specialized units like the Bulldozer and Taser. There are even foes in different versions of the game.

But don’t worry, if you get knocked down, your teammates can help you up. If they don’t, or if you get downed too many times, you’ll be taken into custody, which isn’t ideal. As you play, you’ll earn money and experience, which can be used to buy weapons, masks, and more. There’s also a retirement fund storyline element.

That reminds me, after completing a heist, you get to choose a bonus card for rewards. As you gain experience, your reputation level rises, and you can unlock skills that suit your playstyle. There are five skill trees, each with different abilities. You can’t max out everything, so mixing and matching is encouraged.

Once you reach level 100, you can go Infamous, which unlocks special items and bonuses.

However, beware, it comes at the cost of your in-game money and adventure.

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Is Payday 2 Cross Platform?

Payday 2 does not support cross-platform play.

If you’re playing Payday 2 on one gaming platform, such as PlayStation, you can only team up with other players who are also on PlayStation. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t allow players from different gaming systems, like Xbox, PC, or Nintendo Switch, to join and pull off great heists together.

Cross-platform play, which lets gamers on different devices play together, is a feature that has gained popularity in recent years. It’s a fantastic way for friends who have different gaming setups to connect and enjoy games together seamlessly.

Payday 2, developed by Starbreeze Studios and Overkill Software, was originally released back in 2013 before cross-platform play became a widespread industry standard.

While the game has received numerous updates and improvements over the years, making it more enjoyable for players, implementing cross-platform play would require a significant overhaul of the game’s infrastructure. Additionally, different gaming platforms have varying technical and security requirements.

As a result, Payday 2 remains platform-specific, you can only team up with friends who are on the same gaming system as you.

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