Project Mugetsu Quincy Vollstanding Guide

This is a comprehensive guide to Quincy Vollstandig In Project Mugetsu. In this guide, you will learn how you can easily obtain the Quincy Vollstandig, and I will also share with you a list of the current Vollstandig that you can get In the game.

Let’s dive In.

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Overview Of Quincy Vollstandig

Vollstandig, also known as Voltstanding, is the superpower upgrade for Quincies in the game.

In Project Mugetsu, there are two types of Voltstanding: one that deals with death called Death Voltstanding, and another that causes explosions called Explosion VollStandig.

For death-dealing Vollstanding:

KeyMove NameDescription
ZGift Ball DeluxeUnleash a toxic wave in a circular attack. Hold down the key to make the move last longer. It breaks through enemy defenses.
XReishi PathSend out a poisonous path that harms and poisons anything in its way. It can break through enemy defenses.
CGift BereichQuickly release a burst of toxic energy in a circular area. A one-hit attack that breaks through enemy defenses.
VGift RingSummon a massive gift ring, throw it forward, and create a huge poison explosion. It devastates everything in its radius and breaks through enemy defenses.

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For Explosion Volt Standing:

KeyMove NameDescription
ZExplosive SwipeThe user swipes hands, sending 3 bombs in the cursor direction; can guard break.
XBomb FieldThe user jumps, flinging bombs that explode in a circular area of effect (AOE).
CReiatsu BurstUser charges reiatsu to release a large wave of exploding bombs; longer charge = larger radius/intensity; can guard break.
VThe ExplodeThe user leaps, releasing a bombardment of Reishi bombs on the target.

How To Get Vollstanding In Project Mugetsu?

Step 1: Talk To Douda

Begin your adventure by initiating a conversation with Douda. He’s your go-to guy for this quest, and he’ll set you on the right path for what’s to come.

Step 2: Defeat 35 Soul Reaper Players With Shikai Unlocked

Equip your Shikai, and defeat 35 Soul Reaper players to prove your skills and readiness for the challenges ahead. This step also opens the real potential of your Shikai.

Step 3: Use The Medallion To Teleport To The Quincy Obby

Once victorious, use the medallion in your inventory, and teleport straight to the Quincy obby.

Step 4: Answer Anime Questions Within The Obby

Guide through the obby while encountering questions from the anime. Be cautious, though. Some questions are tricky. When you answer correctly, the path clears, but a wrong answer triggers a barrage of arrows from the walls and lightning striking from the sky.

It’s a test of your anime knowledge.

Step 5: Move Through Lightning-Filled Rooms

Reach the end of the obby to face the ultimate challenge. The final rooms are filled with lightning falling from the sky. Dodge and weave through the electrifying obstacles to emerge victorious.

Step 6: Beat Your Vollstanding

Conquering the Quincy obby, and as a final reward, unlock your Vollstandig and unleash its power.

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How To Activate Vollstanding?

Step 1. Equip Your Schrift

Your Schrift is your unique power source, and to access its incredible abilities, first, make sure it is equipped.

Step 2. Activate Vollständing

Once your Schrift is equipped, activate Vollständig. Simply press the ‘G’ key when the gauge on the right side is filled. This gauge is essentially a visual indicator of the energy you’ve amassed.

Step 3. Understand Vollständing Mode

Vollständing mode is your improved state. It’s a temporary power that lasts anywhere from a minimum of 33 seconds to a maximum of 190 seconds. The longer you can maintain this state, the more formidable you become.

Step 4. Extend Duration Through Training

The more you use Vollständing, the better you get at controlling and sustaining it. Engage in frequent sparring sessions or incorporate it into your battles regularly to build up your stamina and extend the duration of Vollständing mode.

Step 5. Defeat The Vollständing Boss

Your adventure involves facing the Vollständing Boss. Overcoming this boss helps you unlock access to a set of powerful moves.

Step 6. Upgrade Moves

With access to your Vollständig moves, the next step is to upgrade them. The more you utilize your enhanced abilities in various situations, the more refined and potent they become.

Step 7. Practice For Perfection

Mastery comes through consistent practice. Practice regularly with your Vollständig, treating each session as an opportunity to fine-tune your powers.

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