Brown Dust 2 Tier List
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Brown Dust 2 Tier List

Conquering the strategic depths of Brown Dust 2 requires a keen eye for building the perfect mercenary squad. But having a large number of characters to choose from can ruin the day. So, we bring you a comprehensive tier list to steer you toward building a dominant force.

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1. S-Tier

  • Samay: This powerhouse can bring on some exceptional damage output and single-handedly dismantle enemy teams.
  • Alec: A versatile damage dealer with multiple powerful costumes, Alec is a fantastic early-game carry and remains relevant throughout.
  • Arines: The undisputed queen of support, and provides invaluable buffs to attack and critical rate, turning the tide of battle in your favor.
  • Justia: Comes with a White Reaper costume that melts through light-resistant enemies with ease.

2. A-Tier

  • Helena: An exceptional magic support, which boosts magical damage and empowers your spellcasters.
  • Olstein: Not just a pretty face, this character is a source of gold, a precious resource for every commander.
  • Sylvia: A well-rounded healer with offensive capabilities, this character keeps your team fighting fit.
  • Lecliss: With potent crowd control abilities, it also stuns and disrupts enemy formations, creating openings for your team.
  • Anastasia: Brings the heat with strong fire damage and area-of-effect attacks.
  • Wiggle: This nimble marksman provides consistent ranged damage and battlefield control.

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3. B-Tier

  • Eclipse: Excels at drawing enemy fire and protecting your more fragile allies.
  • Beatrice: With her charm and debuffs, Beatrice disrupts enemy formations and weakens their resolve.
  • Rubia: A potent healer with resurrection capabilities, and keeps your key units in the fight.
  • Rafina: Brings the lightning with her electric attacks and crowd control capabilities.

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Final Thoughts

As usual, tier lists are a guiding light, not a rigid protocol. The best team composition hinges on your playstyle, content focus, and the specific characters you have available.

It’s time to experiment, explore synergies, and find the mercenary squad that dominates the battlefield in your unique way.

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