Rumble Heroes Tier List

In Rumble Heroes, it is up to you and your army of heroes to defend the realm’s Princess after the evil Dark Knights take her hostage.

That being said, you’ll need to be ready if you want to save the Princess. To do so, you must assemble your community, hire more fighters, wizards, and other allies, and pool your skills.

The best course of action is to prioritize quality over truthfulness. Strong characters are showing up more frequently. This game has four rarities: Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Uncommon. Considering their rarity, we have ranked these characters in four tiers.

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 Tier list

  • S-Tier: Characters classified as S-Tier have the strongest aptitudes in the current meta due to their ability to deal massive damage and survive all kinds of emergencies.
  • A-Tier: The A-Tier characters still need to catch up to the S-Tier characters in strength and capability despite the possibility of some limitations.
  • B-tier: The character in the B-tier is one of those who can do well under certain conditions, meaning they are in the moderately performing tier.
  • C-Tier: Since they are considered the weakest in the game, those in the C-Tier shouldn’t be used.

1. S-Tier Heroes

S-Tier Heroes

  • Boomerang Ray
  • Lance Pico
  • Double Gun Mary
  • Shotgun Gupi
  • Skull Pop
  • Spear Killy
  • Heavy Armor Humphry

2. A-Tier Heroes

  • Big Sword Gray
  • Crow Bibi
  • Mace Gilburt
  • Forge
  • Brave Uva
  • Epee Laura
  • Strong Laura
  • Flame Sword Giselle
  • Wave Talisay
  • Canon Waldo
  • Dark Kiara

3. B-Tier Heroes

  • Ego Sword Polly
  • White Evelyn
  • Forest Vanessa
  • Turban Coby
  • Time Mia
  • Calm Foe Blind Matilda
  • Big Hammer Joe
  • Nurse Ivy
  • Backpack Chico
  • Magic Shot Sally
  • Elemental Lisa
  • Shadow Issac
  • Whitehair Leo

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4. C-Tier Heroes

  • Backpack Chico
  • Diamond Bob
  • Dancer Maya
  • Feather Corbin
  • Olive Cindy
  • Nudie Jack
  • Ice Bobo
  • Orange Woody
  • Leaf Shot Tim

This Tier List is designed to answer your question about which Rumble Heroes characters are the greatest. In this strategy role-playing game, you must save the only Princess in your kingdom from the evil knights.

To accomplish this, you must enlist the game’s strongest heroes. You may accomplish that by using the tier list, which ranks each character from greatest to worst.

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About the Game

The first game from PlayHard is called “Rumble Heroes.”Since March 2, the lab has become downloadable. The primary gameplay has several engaging game variants, which are easy to navigate.

In the captivating role-playing game Rumble Heroes, players must gather and enhance many heroes to prevent the dark knights from capturing the Princess.

Putting together the ideal squad can be difficult, given the abundance of heroes available, each with special skills and advantages.

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