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Last War Heroes Tier List

Survival, it’s your chance to become a legend and this is possible with these unique heroes at your disposal. These characters can build the ultimate team key to leading your survivors to victory.

But with so many warriors to choose from, who deserves a spot in your squad? Well, here comes our tier list that will guide you through the best Last War heroes.

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See List Below

1. S-Tier

a. Dva:


An absolute powerhouse, Dva boasts incredible damage output with her first skill and a devastating ultimate that shreds entire hordes.

b. Jorgen:


This legendary hero provides unmatched support, shielding allies and boosting their attack power. He’s a must-have for any serious Last War player.

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c. Astaroth:


An immovable wall of defense, Astaroth draws enemy fire and taunts them, keeping your weaker heroes safe.

2. A-Tier

a. Keira:


Keira can move through enemies with fire magic. Pair her with heroes who can buff her attack and watch the carnage unfold.

b. Martha:


The ultimate healer, Martha keeps your team fighting fit. Her ability to revive fallen heroes makes her invaluable in tough battles.

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c. Phobos:


A master of crowd control, stuns and disrupts enemies, allowing your team to focus on taking them down.

3. B-Tier

a. Sebastian:


A jack-of-all-trades, Sebastian offers a bit of damage and support. He’s a solid choice for early to mid-game but might fall off later.

b. Helios:


This tactical hero weakens enemies and buffs allies, making him a good support option for specific team compositions.

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c. Jet:


A speedy damage dealer, Jet excels at taking down single targets quickly.

4. C-Tier

a. Galahad:


A strong tank early on, Galahad struggles against stronger enemies later in the game.


b. Corvus: 


This hero excels at PvP but might not be as effective against PvE enemies.

Final Thoughts

While our tier list is here to guide you, the best team for you will depend on your playstyle and the specific challenges you’re facing. Feel free to check out different heroes, find what works for you, and dominate the wasteland.

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